Colours, Handles and Accessories

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Your style deserves to shine through, even in the smallest of details. That is why we offer over 900 RAL colours in various finishes to create the perfect final touch for your aluminium glazing.


Combine your favourite colour with a metallic, anodised, matt, gloss, wood look or even a special low-maintenance and scratch-resistant coatex finish.


With an inspired range, you can choose from the latest colour trends as well as the timeless classics.

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Find Your Finish


An anodised finish puts the aluminium in the spotlight, and gives it a different look depending on the time of day or the seasons. It also offers excellent protection against aggressive environments near the seaside, pools or city centres.

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Combine your favourite colour with clean aesthetics and user-friendliness. This coating brings more texture and is scratch-resistant, which makes it the ideal low-maintenance solution for adventurous children or playful pets.

Colour swatch COATEX


Our Wood Look coating layers combine the typical warm appearance of wooden frames with all the benefits of aluminium solutions.

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And what if the colour of your interior doesn't quite match the outside? Then we offer two colour profiles, coating the inside and outside in different colours. Allowing you full flexibility. Just ask your Reynaers at Home local installer for 'Dual Colour'.


The most visible and distinct features of our products are the handles. Choose from a wide variety of designs, functionalities and price ranges to match your personal style and budget. From subtle roseless handles to bold door pulls, available in any colour and finish type imaginable: at Reynaers, we've got you covered.

Contour Handles


Modern safety

  • Robust, durable and highly resistant to corrosion
  • Easy to clean and resistant to cleaning products
  • Combines safety components with a modern look
  • Only available in Stainless steel


A great first impression

  • Premium quality, elegant design
  • Modern alternative to traditional handle designs
  • Available in all RAL colours including textured, and anodised


Contemporary renovation

  • Traditional and sleek design
  • Perfect for renovation projects
  • Available in all RAL colours including textured, and anodised
reynaers sl 38 secure windows doors


Timeless and versatile

  • One stop shop for all entry door components
  • Range of designs and finishes to choose from
  • Possibility to combine with complementary products, such as finger print scanner

The choices are endless. Discover even more solutions, as hardware accessories such as handles and hinges can also be lacquered or coated in the same colours. Even drainage caps are available in all RAL colours to provide a one-of-a-kind finishing touch. Get inspired by the latest trends and discuss your options when visiting your local Reynaers local installer.

Get professional advice, sales and installation

If you are interested in any of the Reynaers at Home aluminium systems for your home project, we have a network of dealers throughout the UK that can advise on product choice and installation.