Grey windows and doors – How to pick the right shade for a fashionable home exterior

Updating interiors to stay on trend, or just freshening up our living space is second nature to a lot of us. We browse magazines, pore over home improvement programmes, and add new colours or accessories to achieve the desired look. But when was the last time you looked at the outside of your property as a blank canvas for updating? And how do you decide how bold you should be with your new windows and doors?

What’s hot and what’s not?

Firstly, let’s look at the current colour trends. This year we have seen a move towards lighter shades in interior and exterior design. Paler blues and greens have become popular to lighten and brighten spaces and give a more natural feel to the inside and outside of our homes.  

SL 38 Windows with a pale green finish

It’s not all about the muted shades though as Viva Magenta was named ‘the colour of the year’ by Pantone. However, while there has duly been a spattering of bright pink front doors popping up on Britain’s streets, it’s not likely to be the new norm any time soon. There are a vast many more people who want to achieve a fresh and modern look without committing to such a specific colour palette for the duration of the life of their new front door.

As well as the lighter pastel colours and the bright Viva Magenta pink, there remains a trend towards intense, dark colours including greens, oranges, and greys. Colours that give a depth and strength that lighter colours can’t match. Grey has been quietly gaining its fair share of Britain’s built environment with more and more homes introducing the colour over the last couple of decades but has really increased in popularity in the last few years. We predict this is a trend that is set to continue too.

Create impact!

Dark grey windows and doors offer an impactful upgrade to a home while remaining a timeless choice. In the same way traditional white windows and doors are chosen for their ability to suite in with any other colours we add to our homes over time, grey is also a great complementary colour, and is therefore a popular choice for the long term.

There are many shades of grey you can choose from when it comes to selecting your new windows and doors, but Anthracite Grey remains the king of the grey palette this year. In a recent poll of people making and selling windows and doors, a whopping 81% said that Anthracite Grey was the most popular shade of grey they supply, with other shades of grey such as Agate Grey and Slate Grey coming in at just 9% and 6% respectively.  

Private Villa boasting Anthracite Grey frames

Mix and match

It’s also worth noting that the colour you choose for the outside of your home doesn’t have to be the same as the colour on the inside of your windows and doors. You can have dark grey windows outside to wow the neighbours, and white or any other colour you like on the inside, if that suits your interior design plans better.

Explore the rainbow

Reynaers Aluminium offers over 450 colour options and finish types to make sure you find the perfect choice for your home, so whether it’s a paler palette you’re looking for, or something bolder and brighter, a matte or gloss finish, wood look or even a scratch-resistant finish, (almost) anything is possible.  

  Our colours are built to last too, because both of our high-quality colouring techniques – powder coating and anodising the elements – are not affected by UV-radiation. In fact, with no need for paint or varnish, and no risk of rotting or bending, coloured aluminium windows and doors are a fantastic choice for a stunning home improvement with minimum maintenance. More information on our colours can be found here and our complete range of products can be explored here.

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