MasterPatio Aluminium Sliding Doors

MasterPatio is the next generation of sliding systems, with clean lines and maximum comfort.

This slimline aluminium sliding door system offers superior thermal insulation, improved comfort and clean design. For the discerning householder or architect who wants the very latest in contemporary design and ultimate performance, MasterPatio is the next generation of its kind.

MasterPatio is a high insulation and high performance lift-slide system with a minimalistic look and clean design, down to the details. The system achieves top thermal performance by using recycled profiles as well as recycled insulation bars, reducing CO2-emissions by a further 1130 tonnes/year so you can achieve elegance in your home, without compromising on sustainability.

Our slimline aluminium sliding doors can achieve industry-leading sizes, which can make for an amazing feature in your home. Combining a maximum element height of 3.7m with large glass panes and ultra-slim frame profiles allows for a completely unobstructed view into the garden. The sleek slimline design will suit any traditional or modern property, leaving a long-lasting impression on your guests.

MasterPatio aluminium doors feature patented glass supports, which ensure a perfect transfer of the glass weight to the wheels, resulting in comfortable operation. So as well as opening your home up to glorious panoramic views, MasterPatio will also offer practicality in your everyday life.

With the ability to flawlessly couple with our popular MasterLine8 window and door systems, MasterPatio allows for countless design combinations as well as consistency across all Reynaers products in your home. This seamless coupling combined with an extensive range of opening types means you can achieve the complete design freedom that everyone dreams of.

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MaterPatio is the next generation of sliding systems, crafted to offer complete design freedom, improved comfort and clean sightlines. Of course the MasterPatio sliding aluminium door also offers exceptional levels of thermal insulation, weather resistance, noise reduction and security.

  • Countless combinations with Masterline8
  • Extensive range of opening types
  • High thermal performance
  • Double- and triple-glazed options
  • Industry leading maximum sizes
  • Ultra slim frame
  • Strong and durable
  • Excellent air and water tightness

Style Options

This next generation of sliding door systems can be specified to meet the needs of your specific new build or renovation project. With a variety of opening types, wide choice of frame profiles, double or triple glazing options and an industry-leading maximum height at 3.6m, the MasterPatio door is crafted to offer complete design freedom.





Min. Visible width T-profile

50 mm

Visible width meeting section

50 mm

Max. height vent

3600 mm

Max. width vent

3000 mm

Max. weight element

400 kg

Overall system depth frame

180 mm

Overall system depth vent

77 mm

Rebate height

27 mm

Visible height vent

87 mm

Visible height meeting section 4 doors

181 mm

Min. Glass thickness

16 mm

Max. Glass thickness

62 mm

Glazing method

Dry glazing with EPDM or neutral silicones

Thermal break

Fibreglass Reinforced Recycled Polyamide Strips



  • Air tightness max. test pressure

    4 (600 Pa)

  • Water tightness

    E1200 (1200 Pa)

  • Wind load resistance

    C5 (2000 Pa)


  • Thermal Insulation (Uw)

    U-value as low as 0.82 W/m²K

Opening options

Energy Efficiency



  • Thermal Insulation (Uw)

    U-value as low as 0.82 W/m²K

Visit our Energy Efficiency page for more information

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Reynaers Aluminium provides frames in almost every colour you can imagine. Over 450 different colour options and finish types are available: metallic or anodised, matt or gloss RAL colours, wood look aluminium or even a special low-maintenance and scratch-resistant coatex finish. And what if the colour of your interior does not match that of the façade? Then we offer two colour profiles, coating the inside and outside in different, matching colours.

  • All RAL colours
  • Surface is covered with a top layer
  • Aesthetic value and added protection
  • Matt, glossy, coatex, or metal finish
  • Long-term protection of water and UV
  • Low-maintenance and easy to clean
  • Controlled oxide layer
  • High level of protection with a natural look
  • Preservation original aluminium structure
  • Long-term protection of water and UV
  • Low-maintenance and easy to clean