MasterLine 8 Windows & Doors

MasterLine 8 is the innovative window and door system from Reynaers at Home that maximises natural daylight in the home while offering the ultimate in performance.

The system offers a wide range of designs, perfect for any style of building, with the narrow frame / large pane combination making breathtaking views a possibility like never before. Add to this impressive scores on acoustics, thermal insulation, and air- and water-tightness, and it’s clear to see why Masterline 8 is the obvious choice for any home.

MasterLine 8 windows feature three different levels of insulation, offering solutions for high insulation and low energy. These are achieved by integrating new and ‘smart’ materials. The High Insulating Plus (HI+) variant, for example, features innovative insulation bars which use a low-emission foil, thus improving the insulation value by reflecting and retaining heat. MasterLine 8 doors are available in two levels of insulation for customisable energy efficiency.

MasterLine 8 windows and doors allow for a water-tightness of 900 Pa, reduced air loss at 600 Pa air pressure, and excellent sealing properties. These ultimate performances are achieved by the overall concept and the increased overlap of the central gasket in the windows, delivering guaranteed performance.

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MasterLine 8 doors offer a wide range of highly insulated and robust flush doors, which meet modern requirements with regard to safety, thermal insulation and stability (class 8). This allows you to create entrance doors with large dimensions and weights up to 250 kg. MasterLine 8 doors are available as inward and outward opening, and can be fitted with a wide range of locks and hinges.

The unique MasterLine 8 windows concept offers up to four design variants, each with its own distinct look and feel – making MasterLine 8 suitable for every architectural style.

Needless to say, MasterLine 8 can easily be integrated with other Reynaers Aluminium systems, such as CP 130 and CP 155 sliding systems, the RB glass balustrade, the Mosquito system, and curtain wall system CW 50. The unique concept makes it possible to combine an extensive range of window opening types, design variants and different levels of thermal insulation.

  • Functional – The straightforward design of the MasterLine 8 Functional variant is beautiful in its simplicity.
  • Renaissance – MasterLine 8 Renaissance windows have been redesigned to be truer to the traditional ogee detailing found in heritage windows.
  • Deco – MasterLine 8 Deco windows offer a modern, unique design that stands out and gives a truly contemporary feel.
  • Hidden Vent – For a modern, minimalistic appearance, MasterLine 8 offers the Hidden Vent system.





Min. Visible width frame: inward opening

53 mm

Min. Visible width vent: inward opening

37 mm

Min. Visible width frame-vent: inward opening

97 mm

Min. Visible width frame: outward opening

20 mm

Min. Visible width frame-vent: outward opening

138 mm

Min. Visible width T-profile

80 mm

Max. height vent

2800 mm

Max. width vent

1200 mm

Max. weight element

200 kg

Overall system depth frame

77 mm

Overall system depth vent

87 mm

Rebate height

27 mm

Min. Glass thickness

4 mm

Max. Glass thickness

58 mm

Min. Glass thickness vent

13 mm

Max. Glass thickness vent

68 mm



  • Air tightness max. test pressure

    4 (600 Pa)

  • Water tightness

    E900 (900 Pa)

  • Wind load resistance

    C5 (2000 Pa)

  • Acoustic performance

    45 (-1;-4) dB


  • Burglar resistance

    RC2/WK2 - RC3/WK3


  • Thermal insulation (Uw)

    U-value as low as 0.88 W/m²K

Opening options

Style options

Choose from a comprehensive range of designs using one, two or even three tracks with multiple sliding doors. There is also the option to fit double and triple glazing without compromising thermal insulation. In addition, there are literally hundreds of colours of frame to choose from, with options to have a different colour inside and out.


  • Renaissance

  • Deco


  • Functional

  • Hidden Vent

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