Energy ratings at your fingertips

With energy bills through the roof and so much concern for the environment, knowing how energy efficient your choice of windows and doors will be is vital.

Our products now have a BFRC Energy Efficiency Rating

The British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) was established to drive improved energy performance in British glazing. Today, their ‘rainbow’ energy ratings are the most well known and trusted in the industry. Energy Performance Certificates are available on the product page under the 'Energy Efficiency' tab.

BFRC rated products

How BFRC energy rating labels work

BFRC assess the energy performance of windows and doors to give them a rating between A++ and E. Genuine BFRC rated products are labelled with a small official sticker on the inside of the frame and often a large rainbow label on the surface of the window or door: clear, visible proof that they will perform as promised.

But what does the label actually mean?

  • The BFRC energy rating label looks very similar to other rating schemes which you may have seen on a range of products, from domestic goods such as washing machines and dishwashers to car tyres.


  • The bandings on the BFRC label are the result of a complex calculation which takes into account a number of factors including heat loss, solar gain and air leakage.


  • An 'A' rated window means that there is theoretically no energy lost through the window. The lower down the window energy rating label you go, the less energy efficient the windows and doors start to become, and the thermal loss will be greater.


  • What was once a ‘nice to have’ in heat retention and lowering energy bills per month has now become a legal requirement. Windows are now required to have a Window Energy Rating (WER) of B and above, and doors are now required to have a DER of C and above.

Why proven performance matters

Choosing which windows and doors to buy can be difficult.

Knowing how energy efficient they are couldn’t be simpler.

Don’t listen to unsubstantiated claims about energy performance. The BFRC ‘rainbow’ label is proof your windows and doors will perform as promised.

Accept nothing less.

BFRC rated windows and doors are independently verified by experts for their ability to:

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    Reduce your energy bills

  • Green-Arrow-Bullet

    Cut your carbon emissions

  • Green-Arrow-Bullet

    Improve comfort in your home

Why use a registered Installer

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    They are audited by BFRC

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    They fit genuine BFRC rated windows and doors

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    They use the correct glass, spacer bars, locks and latches

Why choose only BFRC rated windows and doors

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    Feel the difference in your home

  • Purple-Arrow-Bullet

    See the difference with your energy bills

  • Purple-Arrow-Bullet

    Know you’ve got value for money

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We’ve been preparing for well over a year to ensure we provide you with absolute reassurance when choosing Reynaers’ products, that they are fully compliant with the updated regulations.

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