Achieve flawless finishing with aluminium styling

One of the many performance benefits of aluminium windows and doors is their resilience, which means they are extremely low maintenance. But that doesn’t mean that styling is limited to a natural metallic finish – specialist coatings allow aluminium frames to match contemporary trends and achieve a stunning visual impact on homes.

One such trend is towards sleek, minimalistic slimline frames finished in the likes of matt black and anthracite grey. These striking modern finishes can be achieved in several ways whilst maintaining the streamlined, flawless finish.

Aluminium frames allow for a choice of a natural-looking metallic anodised finish where the colour is embedded into the frames, or a powder coated finish that adds to the aesthetic and offers a greater number of different colours.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these.

Anodised aluminium finishes

This is one of the most common finishes for aluminium doors and windows due to the performance benefits. Anodised finishes protect the integrity of the aluminium, making it highly resistant to corrosion and require very little in the way of maintenance.

The technique sees the aluminium pre-treated in an oxidisation process that opens the surface of the aluminium to allow it to be coloured with metal oxide. The process means that the structure of the aluminium – and its flawless finish – is retained by effectively absorbing the colour into the metal.

The benefits of choosing an anodised finish are:

  • Maintains the structure of the aluminium
  • Natural finish
  • Long-term environmental protection
  • Low maintenance
SlimLine 38 windows and doors

Powder coating

An alternative finish can be achieved through the use of powder coating, which is where paint is applied on top of the aluminium. Powder is sprayed onto the aluminium with heat then applied to complete the process. Powder coating, also known as lacquered aluminium, is a good way to access a range of colour finishes and textures, including a matt, gloss, metal or wood look. Through anodising, the low maintenance, scratch resistant Coatex finish can also be applied to protect solutions that will see high use, such as sliding doors.

The benefits of powder coating are:

  • Access to a wide choice of RAL colours
  • Choice of finishes
  • Long-term environmental protection
  • Low maintenance
  • Added protection

Reynaers aluminium solutions are available in a vast array of colours with around 450 options to choose from. A comprehensive range of RAL colours can be provided using a powder coated finish, whilst anodised frames offer the best in low maintenance performance.

Built to last and needing little maintenance, no matter the finish, aluminium has a timeless appeal. Choosing the right aluminium coating will help the environmental performance of windows and doors, as well as make sure you achieve the perfect finish.

To find the perfect finish for your project choose Reynaers’ aluminium doors and windows.

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