Looking back to meet the future with Reynaers’ Heritage Collection

Design trends are known for coming full circle, reviving a particular look or feel albeit with a modern twist. That’s certainly the case for home decor, where inspiration to recreate past trends and styles continues to rise in popularity – especially when it comes to the choice of windows and doors.

Heritage window and doors are specifically designed to recreate a style from a period in history, such as the Victorian or Renaissance era. They take inspiration from the architectural features typical of the time and combine a nostalgic nod to the past with the latest manufacturing techniques, so the products provide optimum performance and efficiency.  

In line with this peak in popularity, Reynaers has expanded its Heritage Collection offer homeowners a comprehensive choice of windows and doors featuring both classic and traditional styling, multiple finish options, and contemporary performance – making them the perfect choice for those looking to refurbish their homes. The collection offers homeowners a choice of a wide range of heritage window styles to match the look they are seeking, whether that be vintage Georgian windows or the steel frames of a New York loft apartment.

New design choices

Reynaers has added two sleek new profiles to its popular SlimLine 68 (SL 68) range. The outward opening window, that mimics the look of traditional steel, has exceptionally slim profiles allowing optimum light in as well as offering expansive views of the outside. The new ‘Heritage’ profile features a bevelled sash and choice of outer frames to create a look typical of 20th century designs.  While the innovative ‘Flush’ profile recreates the seamless frontage of original steel framed windows typically fitted into period buildings. The windows can accommodate either double or triple glazing without compromising the super slim profile and have a Window Energy Rating (WER) of up to A.

Beautiful aluminium slim line window

Other ranges in the Heritage Collection include the SlimLine 38 range of windows and doors, which are a popular choice for those seeking to recreate the classic ‘steel-look’ used in period properties. Whilst the ‘Heritage’ variations of both the MasterLine 8 and ConceptSystem 77 range, provides a suite of windows and doors that boast a more contemporary look, adding a modern touch to any traditional space.

french patio doors

The latest performance standards

Reynaers understands that modern homes need to combine design choice and quality with high performance standards. This is where aluminium profiles offer a key advantage by providing excellent levels of energy efficiency, security and acoustic performance without compromising appearance.

Our products are available with enhanced security standards to PAS24, making them highly resistant, as well as minimising exterior noise. Importantly, they are also energy efficient. To this end, Reynaers has recently signed up to the BFRC Energy Rating Scheme, the premium UK authority for thermal efficiency rating to ensure all its products exceed thermal requirements, and to educate consumers on the importance of thermal performance.

In short, high quality heritage products combine authenticity, performance, innovation and service to make windows and doors that offer greater value over a ‘standard’ style.

To view the full range of Reynaers’ Heritage windows and doors, visit: https://www.reynaersathome.co.uk/heritage-collection

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