Move or improve?

41% of UK homeowners plan changes to their property as the home improvement season begins

A record number of planning applications for extensions and home improvements were approved in 2021 as households in England spent their lockdown savings doing up their homes – a trend that’s set to continue into this year and beyond.

According to new research from independent inspection body RISA UK, homeowners plan to spend over £40 billion on home improvements in 2022. With rising energy costs it’s no surprise that 22 per cent of those improvements are to improve energy efficiency, with 14 per cent planning to upgrade or replace their windows.

New regulations

Within the glazing industry there is currently a huge drive towards thermal efficiency because from June 15, 2022, all new homes must produce 31 per cent less CO2 emissions, and existing dwellings will need to meet better levels of thermal efficiency to comply with updated building regulations which apply to windows, and doors. The changes are part of the Government’s wider push to achieve zero-net carbon emissions by 2050 and will improve the thermal and energy efficiency performance of our homes and commercial buildings.

What this means is a minimum U-value to new and existing dwellings of 1.4, with U-values measuring how effective a material is as an insulator – the lower the U-value the better the thermal performance.

What this means for home improvers

If you’re planning to upgrade or replace your windows, doors, sliding doors or folding doors it’s essential to check that the products you chose meet these new thermal regulations. You can check the energy rating of the product you are going to buy with your supplier, and you can ask for British Fenestration Rating Council approved products to be fitted. This means your windows and doors will come with a rainbow rating label from A++ to C which proves they will perform as promised – useful proof to have should you decide to sell your home!

If you’re one of the 41 per cent planning home improvements and looking to refresh your windows and doors, why not check out our latest in-vogue ranges. Such as the Slim Patio 68 – a highly insulated sliding system with slim profiles and a concealed frame that combines comfort and elegance. The ultra slim design allows for the maximum amount of natural light and offers truly panoramic views. It also features innovative integrated technology for ultimate performance against wind and water and meets the highest standards in thermal insulation.

And finally – a word about security

Alongside the energy performance of your windows and doors it’s also essential to check they are Part Q compliant. These security regulations came into effect in 2015, and while there is no obligation to meet these in pre-existing buildings, if the products you chose have them it means your door or windows have been tested to ensure they are tough enough to resist an attack by a burglar. Checking this standard is in place may also affect your home insurance premium.

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