Safety first: What home security standards to look for

Security is a major priority for homeowners but that doesn’t mean having to compromise on style thanks to the constant evolution of slimline doors and windows.

Glazed architecture is a sought-after addition to homes, whether that is large bespoke windows or corner-to-corner sliding doors that open-up a room – and with a focus on built-in safety, modern slimline aluminium sightlines unite aesthetics with high quality security.

Just as natural light is a priority for homeowners; security and functionality are a priority for Reynaers Aluminium UK, where products are continually developed to make sure that they are always the best they possibly can be, which includes the level of security they provide.

Reynaers’ commitment to product development and enhancing security means that even high-end slimline designs have concealed security features, allowing them to reach the high standards required.

What to look for in UK security standards for doors and windows

To ensure the safety of homes, certain security standards need to be met, these measure the ability of doors and windows to withstand opportunistic crime.

Approved Document Q

Approved Document Q sets a security standard within building regulations that easily accessible doors and windows in new buildings need to meet. To qualify for Document Q, windows and doors must meet PAS 24.

PAS 24

In line with Document Q, building regulations stipulate that all windows and doors must meet PAS 24 when used in a new building. It is an independently verified standard that measures the ability of the frame to withstand impact and resist being forced open.

Secured by Design

To support better security in buildings, the UK Police Service launched the Secured by Design initiative, which is not a requirement but is recommended to enhance the security of a home. This aims to introduce standards as part of the planning and building process. To meet Secured by Design standards, the doors and windows in a building must already meet PAS 24.

Out of sight, not out of mind

One of the challenges of slimline aluminium sliding door systems is maintaining the clear sightlines while building in functionality and security. In the case of sliding door solutions with corner-to-corner glass, or a ‘zero threshold’, key security features can be built into the frame as part of the concealed functionality.

Securing PAS 24 is recognised as being specifically difficult for minimalistic slimline sliding doors, which can limit the properties that these are used in. It is always advisable to check the specific security credentials of any sliding door system to clarify the standards that have been met by the unit as a whole.  

While adding enhanced security to a high-end sliding door is challenging, Reynaers technical team has specifically created components to enable the ConceptPatio 130, MasterPatio and HiFinity doors to meet the tough security standard.

In meeting PAS 24 with these key product ranges, Reynaers shows that clean, contemporary aesthetics can also combine technical excellence, including enhanced security.

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