Aluminium is the BEST material for any door

Choosing the right doors for your property is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever face as a homeowner, and selecting the right material should be at the very top of your agenda. While there are many good options available, such as PVC and composite, one solution stands out above the rest: aluminium.

Aluminium doors are perfect for entrance doors and back doors. Here are just some of the telling incentives for selecting them.

1| Bigger Is Better

Bigger doors are regularly considered better for your entrance ways because they create a sense of grandeur while also making it easier for you to enter and exit the property, which is particularly handy when carrying large items. Aluminium doors can be manufactured to heights of 2.5m and widths of 1.2m. This is far bigger than PVC and other alternatives. Another bonus offered by this increased size is that it can remove the need for toplights and side panels.

2| See More Glass

When using aluminium sliding doors to the patio, the benefit of smaller frames and larger glass panes can work wonders. This allows you to truly brighten up your living spaces by embracing more natural light while also connecting the outside and inside spaces with greater effect to promote a winning atmosphere. In addition to sliding doors, you could install aluminium bifold doors for an even greater impact. Moreover, the hinges are less visible than tends to be the case with timber and composite doors.

3| Greater Strength

When looking at an aluminium door, you may think that the slimline design makes it weak. On the contrary, the material is 2.5x stronger than PVC, which is why it can afford to use the less bulky frames. This ensures that the aluminium entrance doors, as well as aluminium bifold doors and aluminium sliding doors, are the most suitable solution to protect your home from adverse weather and related damage. Likewise, they are particularly good at keeping intruders at bay.

4| Design Flexibility

When picking a door for your home, it’s vital to ensure that it looks aesthetically pleasing. Aluminium doors are incredibly versatile, offering dozens of colour choices. Meanwhile, they can incorporate glazed windows, cat flaps, and other items without losing the aesthetic appeal. When combined with midrails, bottom rails, mullions and transoms, it is possible to configure a design that is tailored specifically to your home. It creates a better outcome and reduces the need for outside changes.

5| Value For Money

It’s hard to think about any home upgrade without considering the financial aspects. Aluminium doors can work out cheaper than many of the alternatives on the market, especially when you factor in the additional items that are no longer needed. Installations are quick and easy, while their durability provides years of service. Aluminium doors truly are the perfect solution for your pocket as well as your property. With Reynaers, you can experience the affordable luxury in no time at all.

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