Not Just Beautiful but Eco Friendly

In today’s society, the need to make greener choices in all aspects of our lives is greater than ever. Nonetheless, it takes on an even greater significance at home, which is why the right upgrades for your property need to be made. Aluminium windows are perhaps the greatest eco-friendly home improvement of all.

Aluminium is widely regarded as the ‘green metal’ thanks to its eco-friendly properties. Here’s why you should choose the material for your windows throughout the home in 2020 and beyond.

Aluminium Is Highly Recyclable

Aluminium windows are eco-friendly for many reasons. First and foremost, though, they are made from recyclable metal that can completely transform the manufacturing process. Aside from reducing the energy needed during production by up to 95%, it significantly reduces the volume of wasted materials throughout the manufacturing processes.

Moreover, the malleable attributes ensure that the material can be rolled, hammered, and manipulated into the perfect shapes and designs in a highly efficient manner. When combined with modern production methods, material waste is at an all-time low.

Crucially, aluminium can be recycled forever. It can be melted down and reformed time and time again while always retaining its key attributes. This is why CO2 emissions can be reduced by 8/9ths too. It is further supported by the lack of stress on resources during installation.

Aluminium Is Built To Last

Aluminium is a material that is built to last for decades, and aluminium windows are no different. Despite its low weight, which can reduce fuel emissions during transportation, the durable material is very resistant to corrosion. The fortified strength of the metal could see your windows last for up to 60 years, which is far longer than the alternatives on the market.

Nothing increases the carbon footprint quite like using items with a short lifespan. Aluminium windows are ideal for the windows in the main property, as well as any outbuildings. Moreover, they can be combined with aluminium doors for an even greener impact.

There’s little point in boasting a ‘green’ material if it needs replacing with a not so environmentally-friendly version a few years later. If eco-friendly living is a long-term goal rather than a short-term fad, the addition of aluminium windows is essential.

Aluminium Windows and doors in a grand home

Eco-Friendly Beauty

While the eco-friendly attributes form an integral feature of the decision-making process, you still deserve to find an aesthetically pleasing solution for your property. The slimline frames and versatile design options ensure that aluminium windows are the perfect solution. They bring style, luxury, and personality to the home at an affordable price.

Better still, their versatile designs can reduce the need for other home upgrades, which can further reduce the carbon footprint. The fact that they additionally provide the emotional satisfaction of helping the planet is merely a bonus.

Aluminium windows additionally allow more light and heat into your home, which supports green energy usage.

When you want windows that are ideal for your pocket, property, and planet, this is the perfect solution. Find a dealer for aluminium windows today or calling Reynaers on 0121 421 1999.

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