Warm with windows

Aluminium windows help to provide a clean, neat, and modern look for a home, but they are also highly durable and strong. But when you think of your home, you will also be looking for windows that are going to be energy-efficient, as well as durable. Windows are the traditional protagonists to heat escaping, but you don’t want to have to spend a fortune trying to keep your home warm because the heat escapes through your windows. So what makes up an energy-efficient window and are aluminium windows actually thermally protective?

What makes an energy-efficient window?

Having a window that is energy-efficient basically means that it is a window that reduces the amount of energy that is needed to either heat up or cool down a room. You want your windows to keep heat in, rather than having any heat escape, as well as having windows that help to create an insulating layer. You get this from your windows when there are a couple of different elements that work together, that help to provide the thermal protection that you need. 

Some of the main components that will help to provide an energy-efficient window, are things like double glazing, warm edge spacers, and weather seals. Double glazing, that involves two panels of glass with an air space in between, is considered to be an essential factor for energy-efficient windows, and it dramatically reduces heat transfer. As for edge spacers, it has been found that around 80% of energy loss through a window comes from the edges. Which is why spacers are another important element. How they work is that they firmly seal the window glass panes to help prevent heat transfer between the air space in double glazing, and the edge of the window. Weather seals are important to seal up any cracks so that cool air can’t come in, and warm air can’t escape.

Does the frame contribute to energy efficiency?

The items above are all how the glass can help to provide a window that is energy-efficient. But does the frame make a difference? They are a very essential part to any window, and provide the structure for the window. They do play a vital role in the energy efficiency of the window as well. Just like glass can help to stop heat transfer, so can the frame. 

Aluminium frames have often been thought of as being not very energy-efficient, simply because they are singular extrusions (meaning passage of heat from the inside or the outside). But with our modern windows and improvements in manufacturing technology, the energy-efficient performance has been much improved. Aluminium windows these days, through things like a reinforced polyamide bar that helps insulation, means that heat, cold and even noise, is conducted 1,000 times slower than before, which is great news for our homes. 

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Aluminium windows also have plenty of other strengths. A thinner frame can give a more modern and sleek look, lighter in weight, and as it can be painted, it is much more versatile than other options. Our state of the art engineering and design will make it possible for you to enjoy the sleek and modern look of your aluminium windows, without sacrificing any energy-efficiency.

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