Lift and Slide

Have you always wanted to get some great open views at the back of your home, as well as having some convenient access to your garden? If so then, you might want to think about getting some sliding doors. They can offer easy access to the outside of your home, and provide an open look to the back of your home. Aluminium sliding doors are a really popular choice for a whole host of reasons. But what do you need to know about them? Are they easy to open and use?

Aluminium sliding doors tend to be a bit neater when they are closed, compared to bifold doors or traditional patio doors that you are used to. They will give you bigger glass panels, meaning more light and even better views to the outside. Plus, while sliding doors are the ideal door for openings that are large or small, they particularly lend themselves to big open spaces. Aluminium sliding doors are going to be better all round than any patio doors that you are familiar with. They have the benefit of being thinner, making them look more attractive, but still having them be strong, secure, reliable, and simple to use.

Aluminium Sliding Doors

Your patio doors need to have a good compromise between being simple to use and easy to open, and being good at keeping out the outside, like the wind and the rain. So you need to have patio doors that have little contact between the moving door leaf and the outer frame, in order for them to open and close easily, as well as having a good seal between the moving door leaf and the outer frame, to keep out the elements. A lot of patio doors are opened by pushing the door leaf to the side. When doors of a medium size and weight use this kind of slide mechanism, it allows the doors to be opened easily. For any bigger doors, then using a lift and slide mechanism is a good idea, so it is easy to see why lift and slide doors are very popular at the moment.

These ‘lift and slide’ patio doors are so simple to use, making them really convenient and easy. Because of a long handle on the door, that you simply turn through 180°, the door leaf is then lifted by a few millimetres to help to reduce any friction between the door and the frame. This will make it possible to then move the door, even if it is big and heavy, but do so with ease. As a result, aluminium sliding doors with a lift and slide mechanism for opening, can be a good choice for anyone, even for families and the elderly.

External Finish Sliding doors

At Reynaers, we have a network of dealers who can install aluminium sliding doors somewhere new, or replace any of your old doors. If you are interested in finding out more about how aluminium sliding doors could work in your home and the space that you have, then get in touch with your local dealer today.

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