Why the role of the residential architect is expanding

Sustainability has become a buzz word in many aspects of life, so it is perhaps no surprise that residential architects must now take it into consideration in their property designs.

Already tasked with devising creative and aesthetically pleasing designs that are fully functional for the homeowners occupying the space, a residential architect is now also expected to advise on sustainable materials and how the building works with its surrounding environment.

Reynaers Aluminium is pleased to work closely with residential architects as well as the companies that install our products in the home, to support the drive for sustainability without compromising on the primary requirement for strong, durable, good looking windows and doors.

What does sustainability in architecture mean?

Sustainable architecture is also known as green architecture or environmental architecture. Green buildings used to be a vision of the future, but with changing government legislation and a global drive to reduce our carbon footprint, they are now an important part of property design today. Sustainable architecture means developing buildings that reduce the negative impact on the environment. For new self-build projects this might be in the way a property looks against the landscape it sits in, or for homes that are looking to be extended or altered, this might mean ensuring they are upgraded with better materials to improve energy efficiency.  

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There are all sorts of ways a building can take into account sustainability including natural elements, such as its position in the sun and whether it’s a coastal property for example, as well as advanced electrical and plumbing systems for the very best in efficiency, the use of renewable energy such as wind or solar power, and the implementation of green building materials that are energy efficient, durable and recyclable.

Why are green building materials so important?

According to the World Green Building Council buildings are currently responsible for 39% of global energy related carbon emissions. This considers the energy needed to heat, cool and power buildings, but also the materials and construction methods used to build and update them. Which is why it has become so important for residential architects to not only design a building or development to an existing property with appearance and function in mind, but also consider its environmental impact. The good news is that when done well, sustainable design can bring about fantastic economic advantages too, such as long term reduced fuel bills for the homeowner.

Why residential architects choose Reynaers Aluminium for windows and doors

Some building material suppliers are going further than others, not only with regards to delivering energy efficient, durable products, but also through the improvement of their own business practices.

Reynaers aluminium windows and doors already meet and often exceed the requirements of the Government’s updated Part L of Building Regulations that relates to energy efficiency. Aluminium itself is also considered to be a sustainable building material boasting a lifespan of 30-40 years, ensuring windows and doors made from the material are durable and robust, and retain their insulating properties for the long term. Add to this the benefit that aluminium is 100% recyclable at the end of its life and is endlessly recyclable, and it is clear why so many modern projects now feature the material.

In addition to offering residential architects and homeowners the right products for today and for the future, Reynaers Aluminium is also dedicated to making positive changes to its business when it comes to sustainability. We have made a public pledge in our published sustainability strategy report Reynaers Act to make changes to our own business in the UK to reduce our carbon footprint and to ensure we meet the necessary high standards for sustainability. We will be using greener vehicles, renewable energy, and reviewing our operations and buildings to see where we can make further improvements.  

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