How well do aluminium windows and doors cope on the coast?

There are a lot of factors to deliberate when choosing new windows and doors for your home, but if your property is in a coastal area, you have one more consideration to add to the list. Living on the coast is idyllic for many with beautiful locations and often fabulous views, but with more exposure to the UK’s inclement weather, coastal properties need extra protection. Windows and doors have an important role to play because without the proper precautions, corrosion to these components could compromise the structural integrity of the building.

What does coastal mean?

The first thing we should clarify on the topic of choosing the right windows and doors for coastal properties is what we mean by coastal. Some people think coastal means literally on a cliff face, while others acknowledge the effect of the elements further inland and suggest that coastal can mean anything within 2.8 miles of any coast or tidal estuary. With the Ordinance Survey placing the UK coastline at 11,073 miles long, that means a lot of UK properties are in a coastal area.

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Is aluminium safe to use by the coast?

Yes! High-quality aluminium is robust and corrosion resistant, making it one of the best materials to use in coastal areas. It has better weatherproofing and durability over materials such as steel or timber so is a good choice for long-lasting windows and doors. For additional protection, aluminium glazing products can be coated with a special pre-anodised paint.

In addition to the integrity of aluminium as a material, windows and doors that use aluminium frames benefit from slim sightlines. This means the section of frame you see when looking at the window or door is slightly thinner, allowing the glass and therefore the view outside the property, to take centre stage. This is an increasingly popular style choice for windows and doors everywhere, but by the seaside there is often an additional requirement to make the most of spectacular views.   

A case study of excellence     

We understand and indeed encourage the need to pay due diligence when choosing any new home improvement products, which is why we are happy to share previous projects we have worked on. This case study of a home on the Devon cliffs demonstrates how our expertise and products stepped up to the plate for a rather special property.

Proudly standing on the cliffs of Salcombe, in a designated area of outstanding natural beauty overlooking the bay, this new three storey home in the cliff face needed innovative design, outstanding performance, and durable solutions.

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To achieve this luxury, unique home in such a challenging environment, Devon-based Aspect Windows fabricated and installed a variety of aluminium systems from Reynaers, including ten lift-and-slide doors, and aluminium windows and single-entrance doors. For this project, specifying aluminium to achieve the architectural ambition of the project facilitated more than aesthetic excellence. Steve Cooling, Managing Director at Aspect Windows said:

“Limited access to the property via tight turns and steep slopes meant the size and weight of materials was a key consideration on this project, both during initial installation and where ongoing maintenance is concerned. Utilising systems from Reynaers meant we could overcome these challenges, while also ensuring the solutions would help the property to stand up to the demands of its seaside environment.”

Supplied in RAL 9007, the grey aluminium perfectly complements the building, while pre-anodized paint adds further durability to protect the property from the elements.

Jon Capel, architect at Harrison Sutton Partnership, who designed the Salcombe cliff-side property, added: “No matter where you stand in this stunning home, there are unobstructed views across the bay. To perfectly capture those by connecting the inside and outside worlds, without compromising the building’s ability to handle the unpredictable conditions of coastal life, our selection of glazing materials was critical.

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“Having specified Reynaers’ products on previous projects, we were confident in the ability of their aluminium systems to provide the robustness and durability needed in this environment. Its profiles were also in keeping with the contemporary look and feel of this building, giving it a unique identity.”  

You can read more about this special project and some of its outstanding features here.

Choose aluminium for a stunning option, on the coast or inland

Choosing the best material for new windows and doors is a big decision whatever the project and wherever you live, but if your home happens to be within a few miles of the coast, there are additional considerations to be made. Aluminium with its inherent strength and durability is a great option for any geographical location, so if you would like professional advice on your specific project, please contact one of our Reynaers at Home installers and make your dream a reality today.   

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