Redefine open space with glass to glass walls

Light and space define the modern living area – and the use of floor to ceiling glass to open up a room to the outdoors is the epitome of contemporary style.

With an increasing number of high quality, secure sliding door systems that maximise unobstructed views it is no surprise that this is a trend that keeps growing.

However, when choosing to open up a room using glass it is important to consider the practicalities as well as the aesthetics.

CP 130 Open Corner

Expert advice

Key factors to consider include weight bearing, fixtures and security.

In a purpose-built home, that includes wall to corner glazing as part of the design, the need for structural load bearing and installation of fixtures and fittings will have been accounted for in the design plans. But in a renovation or upgrade, a glazed wall will generally replace a brick wall – and the implications of that need to be considered carefully.

Taking expert advice is absolutely vital in assessing the viability of introducing corner to corner glazing. This will allow you to understand how highly engineered products, such as the low profile, robust aluminium sliding door systems created by Reynaers, can be installed to provide the strength and slimline profiles needed for a stunning open corner sliding glass door.

How do open corner sliding door systems work?

To open up a structural brick wall through the use of glazing, such as slimline sliding doors, the support needs to be embedded into the wall above the glass. This is usually through the use of a secondary support that acts to support the weight of the building above it.

It is highly recommended that professional advice is sought from a structural engineer and, possibly, also an architect at this stage.

With the secondary support in place the corner can be opened up entirely, giving it the appearance of ‘floating’ when the doors are open.

In an aluminium sliding door system the corner profile will be attached to one of the doors and, as such, will be moved out of the line of vision when the door is open. In ultra slim sliding door systems the supporting profiles are very slight, leaving optimal viewing space to ensure the focus remains on the glass – and the view beyond.

HiFinity Open Corner
HiFinity Open Corner Solution

Creating a comfortable living environment

While aesthetics lead style choices in homes, function is just as important, which is where choosing a quality system comes in. Leading sliding door solutions, such as Reynaers HiFinity, match stunning good looks with exceptional performance. Central to this is weather, wind and acoustic performance, security, insulation and low maintenance.

Reynaers products are thoroughly researched and tested to offer exceptional quality. This includes built in water and wind resistance to a very high level as well as providing a barrier against ‘extreme’ sound.

HiFinity also meets the stringent PAS 24 security standard, which is recognised as being difficult to achieve on ultra slim sliding doors where the functionality is hidden from view.

With sustainability essential in new products, HiFinity also offers excellent thermal efficiency through insulation. This allows it to optimise natural sunlight to help heat a home and also to retain heat, which in turn can impact energy needs. The insulation is so effective that the doors outperform current standards, achieving u-values as low as 0.8 W/m2k – far exceeding current sustainability regulations.

Matched with a zero threshold finish, Reynaers sliding door systems enable homeowners to truly blend the outside with the interior of the home, maximising space and creating a light-filled home.

hifinity zero threshold
HiFinity Zero Threshold

With Reynaers offering open corner solutions across its sliding door systems there is a solution for every homeowner looking to transform their home – chose from ConceptPatio 130 or HiFinity.

To discover more about the perfect sliding doors system for your home discover more about Reynaers’ sliding patio doors online – and make contact with one of our experienced Reynaers@Home partners who can supply and install Reynaers sliding doors for a perfect finish.

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