Making More Space

We would all like to have more space for our outdoor decked areas to relax in the evenings and entertaining guests. But making that happen is challenging – especially if you’re on a budget.

The good news, though, is that several affordable methods create the impression of greater size without requiring you to redraw the boundaries of your property (or make significant structural additions to your home). One of these is adding aluminium bifold doors and sliding doors between your interior and exterior areas.

The Effect Of Aluminium Bifolds On Perceived Space

Slim frame windows keep your home bathed in natural light - even in winter

Modern home designers are very concerned with creating the illusion of as much space as possible, especially in parts of the country where it is at a premium. They will often talk about the need to create continuity between indoor and outdoor areas. Unfortunately, most architects don’t consider factors like these when designing homes, so the vast majority of properties lack flow.

Aftermarket solutions like aluminium bifolds and sliding doors, however,  can increase perceived space dramatically and change the atmosphere of decked outside areas, even if your square footage is actually quite small. They cover the entire interface of one space with another, generating continuity. The result is a room that feels like a single entity, instead of two separate areas artificially strapped together. And that can make all the difference in the world to perceived space.

Both sliding doors and aluminium bifolds use a large amount of glass. You and your guests get views of your decked areas when sitting inside, and likewise when outside. Furthermore, you can retract them to create the impression of a single room in a way you can’t with standard doors, especially when you combine your decking with an overhead canopy.

Benefit From Your Decking All Year Round

Bifold doors to keep you in the garden in autumn

During the summer, you can open your doors to join the interior and exterior spaces together. Bifolds and sliding doors create significant airflow, helping to circulate warm air and keep you fresh while the weather is hot.

Clever use of double-glazing in the winter months lets you benefit from the illusion of extra space created by your decking, even when it is too cold to go outside. Large panes of clear glass provide you with the impression that the rooms at the rear of your home go on and on – something that can actually be quite relaxing. Plus, you get to enjoy better views of your garden and landscaping as an added benefit.

Aluminium bifolds and sliding doors are also just attractive room features in their own right. Aluminium is an unusual, premium material that immediately invokes a sense of luxury and naturally complements modern decking solutions. It is perfect for contemporary homes or those that want to create a fusion with traditional interior designs.

So, in summary, sliding doors and aluminium bifolds doors help to create more space in your home, both practically and perceptually, even if you’re limited for space. And the best bit is that they don’t require you to make considerable alterations to your home.

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