What Are The Benefits Of Aluminium Windows

When choosing windows in a new build or a home renovation, developers and residents alike are increasingly agreed on the preference for aluminium frames. The majority of windows installed in homes across the UK will be framed in this material, and it’s illuminating to note just how firm the consensus is; aluminium windows have few, if any, critics. More or less everyone agrees they are the way to go.

It’s important to seek to understand why this is. Although we can say for sure that aluminium windows are popular, it is also necessary to know why they are. Without knowing the benefits, you can’t know for sure that they are right for your property. So let’s take a closer look at why so many people go for aluminium as their material of choice for window frames.

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They have minimal framework

Windows in a home have two primary purposes: to be looked out of, and to allow light in. In both of these cases, it is important not to have the space of the window crammed by excessive framework. Large, bulky frames, which can be common with materials like wood, block more of the sunlight and the view from your window. Aluminium windows, by comparison, open up much more of the space and allow rooms to be bathed in light.

Minimal framework also means minimal maintenance, which is another key benefit of aluminium windows; this makes them an obvious choice for homeowners who want convenience and style in their home.

They’re highly durable

Having window frames replaced is a substantial job of work; it’s not one you want to keep repeating. With this in mind, although the traditional look of wooden windows might be pleasing on the eye, the fact that they have a short lifespan will be hard on the wallet. uPVC windows last a little longer, going up to 30 years in some cases. However, aluminium windows win out in the durability stakes, clocking in at 45 years and more.

This gives peace of mind that once they are installed, you won’t have to worry about replacing your window frames for some time.

They’re versatile

A major advantage of aluminium is that, as a metal, it can be poured and moulded in a shape to suit you and, once hardened, it will hold that shape. So it’s resistant against the elements without needing to be obtrusively bulky, providing a wealth of benefits without becoming an eyesore or reducing the kerb appeal of your home.

Better still, this sleeker, classier look doesn’t mean you’ll need to compromise on the size nor the weight of the windows. Aluminium’s strength means that even simple, subtle frames can support larger panes of glass.

Exchanging old steel windows and doors with a sleek, contemporary replacement

They can offer greater security

Your windows aren’t just there to look pretty and allow light to stream in, of course, and the importance of security is something not lost on the average householder. The good news is that aluminium windows permit a degree of security that is right up there with the best of them.

Look out for the “Secured by Design” certification when you’re seeking out window frames. Backed by police forces across the UK, this certification shows that your aluminium windows will have been rigorously tested, subjected to the same forces a burglar would seek to apply in gaining entry, and that they have passed the test comprehensively. That’s great news for your peace of mind as a homeowner.

They’re very straightforward to clean

One of the truest joys of aluminium windows is the ease with which they are kept in perfect condition. They’re not going to be daunted by the elements, they won’t discolour and rain, snow and anything else will run off them without leaving much of a trace. Of course, you’ll need to give them a clean on occasion, but you’ll find that when that time comes, all you need to do is give them a quick once-over with a cloth and you’re pretty much done.

Using the correct cleaning compounds, your aluminium windows will be simple indeed to clean, and this will prevent the build-up of dirt and staining that can cut short the lives of window frames as well. Just make sure you use a cleaner that is compatible with the frame or the coating that you have chosen.

They’re a great green option

We all have our part to play in keeping our planet protected for the future, and the material we choose for our windows plays a part in that. This is one area where aluminium windows really show their advantages over the competition: aluminium is a highly-sustainable material with a minimal carbon footprint. They don’t contribute to deforestation nor emit the harsh chemicals that plastic manufacture causes.

Perhaps more immediately, they also improve your environmental impact because aluminium windows provide better insulation for your home. You’ll have to run the heating less in winter, and use less air conditioning in the summer, which means you’re putting less of a strain on the planet.

They’ll save you money on your bills 

Not only are aluminium windows kinder to the environment; you’ll notice pretty soon that they’re kinder to your pocket. More so than any other material, aluminium frames keep what’s meant to be outside, outside. What should stay inside, stays inside. That means you’re going to be paying less to keep your home warm, and you’re not going to have to plug in every fan you can find when the mercury heads towards 30+ degrees.

So not only do aluminium windows offer greater value for money to begin with, they’ll save you money going forward in a number of ways, meaning the savings keep piling up.

There are more reasons than the above why aluminium windows are the most popular choice in the UK, but they’re pretty clear advantages that demonstrate why you should choose this kind of window over any other. With the advantages they bring in terms of value, labour, and aesthetics, the choice is up to you – but you can’t deny that aluminium windows have got a lot going for them.

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