Grey is the new white

Have you noticed that the white on white interior themes has changed to grey in homes? This is a transformation that can allow your interiors to look modern and sophisticated. White PVC is no longer the colour that everyone is talking about for window and door upgrades. The trends were known for crisp, white surfaces, doors and windows to allow the room to feel minimal, but recently the switch to grey has changed the interior world.

Opting for grey features in your homes such as aluminium bifold doors, aluminium sliding doors, and aluminium windows is the new colour to have on your home. Rather than blending your windows and doors. Why not create more of a feature to the wall by introducing a grey option?

If you are looking to introduce grey windows and doors to your home, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. After upgrading to grey aluminium bifold doors, aluminium sliding doors, or aluminium windows, choosing grey decorations and objects to put around your home can tie a room together and allow everything to flow within the room. When objects around your home match, they give the impression that you have put some thought into the interior design when you have guests come over to your home. Breaking up the’ all-white’ with grey aspects adds a modern touch while adding dimension to the room.

Open up your spaces by using aluminium bifold doors and aluminium sliding doors with space-saving doors and allowing large openings to each room without the doors eating into your valuable space. Aluminium windows are lightweight and hard-wearing, so you can have the peace of mind that they will last for years to come.

Having grey windows and doors is a significant advantage as it is a lot easier to keep clean rather than white which shows dirt and dust. Grey is a better colour to camouflage the dirt, so your home will look cleaner for longer.

Enhance the overall look of your property as well as allowing your home to stand out for it’s chic and luxurious look. White windows and doors are a standard option for most properties when you buy them, so if you want yours to stand out on your street, then grey is the new white. If you have a lighter coloured painted exterior, then it can add colour to your building.  Matching your doors and windows will transform your exterior. The grey also compliments most blinds, curtains and shutters too, so there’s no need to change them!

Hopefully, with this guide, you will think about switching your plain white aluminium bifold doors, aluminium sliding doors, or aluminium windows to a new, luxurious grey option. This will ensure that your property looks modern from the outside as well as the inside while being easier to keep clean and hiding any dust so you will be cleaning less! Swapping from regular white windows and doors to grey may change your home’s look by standing out from the rest.

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