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Whenever you decide to update or upgrade any doors inside your home, you may question whether you truly need to enlist the help of a professional to fit your new investment. The truth of the matter is that door fitters provide a service that involves more than just turning up at your home to install your doors, as they can offer detailed informative advice, ultimate safety top tips and so much more. Specialist fitters are also familiar with a variety of different building types and installations, as well as retaining extensive product knowledge for your convenience. From bifold doors to sliding doors, aluminium and more – they have the experience needed to perfect each and every job.  Attempting to fit your new doors by yourself could lead to several issues, resulting in the wastage of materials, money, time and effort. Often investing in a full set of quality doors can cost a sizeable amount, so losing out financially as a result of your own mistakes can really take a toll on your home renovation budget as well as your motivation.

Professional door installers will do everything in their power to ensure every customer experiences a trouble free installation of their new doors, starting off by checking the old product against the new investment. They will then check and double-check sizes to create the perfect fit, as well as surveying the type and condition of all doors against the survey report before any work can be done. Your specialist door fitter will also discuss any need for removal of furniture and fittings to make way for a clean and safe working area. They will take care to make sure that your property is protected during any installation work by utilising clean dust sheets to cover up valuables, too.

A specialist door fitter will aim to remove your existing doors without causing any damage to the buildings structure. Some older properties may experience disruption which is unavoidable, however this will have been assessed by your professional workman to identify the very best solution. These are skills that you may not possess when attempting to DIY, and this could leave you open to many potential hazards and risks that could endanger your safety as well as any other occupants too.

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Wherever possible, your new doors should be installed on the very same day that your old doors are removed to maintain the highest levels of security inside your home. It’s not a good idea to leave any entrance to your home open, especially during the night or in heavily occupied or built up areas. Your specialist fitter can arrange the best course of action to take to avoid such an issue, and keep your home as safe as possible during any job.

So, opting to utilise the services of a professional fitter when investing in a set of new doors is definitely the right choice for those of you who prioritise safety, quality and financial efficiency! Don’t delay, book your trusted door fitter today.

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