Hi-Finity Sliding Doors

Whether building a new property, extending, or renovating, selecting the right glazing will have an impact on the success of the project. Our stunning Hi-Finity slim frame sliding doors are a contemporary design statement that will define a room’s style. Equally at home in a modern grand design as in a more traditional property, our Hi-Finity doors will add character and style to any room.

Jaw-dropping design

The Hi-Finity sliding door is designed so that the outer frame can be concealed behind the surrounding wall, making wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling glass a real possibility. What is more, it is also possible to design two Hi-Finity doors that sit perpendicular to each other on adjacent walls. They can either meet in the corner with two fixed panes of glass or you can have the two opening door leafs meeting at the corner without a fixed corner post. When both doors are open, the ceiling above appears to defy gravity, creating a really stunning architectural feature.

The options don’t stop there. Automatic locking is a standard feature, and fully automated operation is an option, allowing you to open and close the doors at the push of a button.


Wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling glass with Hi-Finity slim frame doors

Hi-Finity doors are structurally glazed, meaning the structure of the door is in the glass and not the surrounding framework. This makes it possible for the aluminium frame to be ultra-thin. What’s more, the outer frame is designed so that it can be concealed behind the wall. This revolutionary design means the only exposed part of the frame is a 35mm interlock between glass panels, resulting in floor-to-ceiling and virtual wall-to-wall glass.

Imagine walking into your living room in the morning to find it filled with brilliant light. Your Hi-Finity sliding doors fill the whole of the external wall, affording you a glorious view of the garden.

Triple glazing

Reynaers At Home manufactures some of the largest aluminium glazing available, but the vast size of our Hi-Finity sliding doors hasn’t compromised their thermal efficiency. Our biggest ever doors can be triple glazed to meet even the most exacting insulation requirements.

Ultra-low energy

Hi-Finity sliding doors are ideal for buildings that do not require more energy than they can produce themselves – so called zero energy buildings. They are also perfect for buildings constructed for ultra-low energy consumption. Industry-leading levels of insulation means Hi-Finity sliding doors help retain heat generated from passive sources – such as natural light, human body warmth, and electrical appliances – enabling these items to contribute to the general warming of the home. In fact the Hi-Finity door is so good, it has been awarded the coveted Swiss Minergie accreditation for thermal efficiency.

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