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Aluminium window systems: the benefits of aluminium

In recent years aluminium window systems have been used extensively on some of the world’s most iconic and prestigious new homes. Today’s aluminium windows bear little resemblance to those introduced to the domestic market in the 1970s. Design and manufacture has moved on significantly and for a number of reasons, modern aluminium glazing is amongst the very best available.

Large, sleek windows

Aluminium is an inherently strong material. In fact, it is two and a half times stronger than uPVC. This core strength means aluminium window systems typically have a narrower frame and can support significantly larger areas of glass than plastic or timber-frame equivalents. In essence, fitting an aluminium window system gives you the ability to fit bigger and better looking windows.


Aluminium is also a stable material. It isn’t prone to great expansion or contraction as the weather changes and it won’t suffer the warping problems common with windows manufactured from other materials. Whatever the weather, aluminium window systems will open and close as intended time and again.

Aluminium window systems are low maintenance

Once fitted, the only maintenance aluminium window systems require is an occasional clean with a damp cloth. They will not rot, rust, or ever need repainting. Fitting a bespoke aluminium window system will not only keep your house looking good, it will keep repair work to an absolute minimum. Simply install them, then sit back and enjoy your home and garden without any further fuss.


Aluminium is an abundant material and 100% recyclable. So, after a very long life, your aluminium window system could even be re-engineered into an entirely new set without any loss of quality.


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