NEW Vision 7 – Reynaers’ next generation thermal commercial door

Developed specifically for the UK market, Reynaers Aluminium has launched its long-awaited new generation, high usage anti-finger trap thermal commercial door and framing system.

Featuring a unique slim bulb-style with a radius of only 40mm, a profile sightline of 81mm, and achieving a U-value as low as 1.1W/m2K, Vision 7 has a unique post-installation adjustable bottom pivot that allows installers to make final adjustments after the door has been installed. 

Suitable for a range of ground-floor applications such as schools, hospitals, retail outlets, leisure facilities, offices and entrances to large commercial buildings, this thermally broken door is an ideal solution to meet the requirements of sustainability-driven projects and also provides a range of additional advantages applicable throughout the supply chain. 

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne, Product Development Manager, Reynaers UK

Ian Osborne, UK Product Development Manager, said: 

“We have listened to a range of stakeholders across the industry and considered all the feedback in developing the Vision 7 Thermal Commercial Door to offer a premium combination of optimal performance and ease of production, as well as providing the slimline aesthetics that architects and developers want to see.  It can be manufactured up to 3m height and 120Kg weight; leaf width 1.25m.  

“To maximise value and minimise waste, profiles are supplied in a range of optimised bar lengths including 5.1m, optimal for doors up to 2.5m height. Many profiles are available in half and quarter lengths, and for large doors up to 3m mullions and door styles are available at optimal 6.1m or 6.5m lengths. Transom connections are cut straight to minimise milling and the number of components required.  

“In addition, the system can be supplied with a range of universal fixation pieces that provide a simple slide and turn solution and ensure that the stock requirements of the system are minimised.  There are also many hardware solutions for this system, but we have sourced and tested two key industry suppliers that provide the quality and value suited to the Vision 7 solution. 

“We have also developed a new style bulb with a radius of only 40mm to enable the production of slim profile doors with a visual width of only 81mm, which in combination with a wide range of finite component details, enables the production of extremely durable doors that can achieve a U-value of 1.4W/m2K with double glazing units and a lower value of 1.1W/m2K with triple glazing. The system can support glass thickness up to 50mm. Standard and HI variants are available. We also supply a 100mm outer frame so that the system can connect seamlessly to MasterLine 8 windows and doors. 

“Well received by installers, the system has also been built with a unique post-installation pivot adjustment feature to help to save valuable time on site. This feature means that the door only needs to be fitted once, and then bottom pivot adjustments can made without having to remove the door multiple times to make adjustments. 

“Classic of Reynaers Aluminium, we have concentrated on the details of the product that make it an industry-leading door that is built to last the test of high usage over a long period of time. It achieves a good AWW rating and security and safety of PAS 24:2022 and PANIC: EN 1125+179. The door is subject to continued durability tests and has achieved over 400,000 open and close double swing cycles to date. 

“Current hardware options include standard hook lock (Part Q compliant, PAS 24: 2022), electric strike, magnetic lock, security lock and lever handle. Coming soon will be face applied panic hardware, concealed panic hardware, access control via solenoid bolt and panic hardware.”

Technical Director John McComb added: 

“Like all of the products in the Reynaers portfolio, the launch is not the end of its development. Our recent launch event included a workshop with some of our customers who currently purchase thermal commercial doors to give them the opportunity to see and test the product, handle the components and provide feedback, which we will use in further developing the product. 

“We’d like to thank those customers who worked closely with us in developing this UK product and who attended our recent launch event. Vision 7 has seen 18 months of development and testing in conjunction with Reynaers Aluminium UK and our Reynaers product development team in Belgium. 

“With a comprehensive suite of products offering high performance for the commercial sector we look forward to expanding our offering within the UK market and supporting projects in achieving the best results from a design and performance perspective.”

John McComb, Technical Director, Reynaers Aluminium UK

For further information, contact the Reynaers Aluminium team on 0121 421 1999 or click the link below.

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