How to add value to your home

The age-old conundrum of move or improve will always be an issue for homeowners. Should you move house for an overall upgrade, or is it better to invest in your existing property? Of course, there are many factors involved in making that decision but let’s face it, financial viability is likely to be near the top of the list. According to the Homeowners Alliance the average cost of moving house in 2024 is £10,255. And that’s before the likely higher mortgage repayments when you get there. But looking at the alternative – are home improvements worth the investment? Will they actually add value to your home?

Why is added value important?   

Before we run through some popular home improvements and how they affect the value of your property, let’s just consider why this is important. After all, if you’re not planning to sell just yet why worry about adding value? If you carry out alterations to your home and the value of your house increases as a result, you are likely to have a better loan to value ratio for your mortgage – that’s the difference between the amount you still owe on your mortgage and the amount your property is worth. With properties increasing in value over time anyway, by adding further value you can widen this gap, allowing you to potentially remortgage your home for a better deal.

Which home improvements will add value to my home?

Typically, when you embark on a home improvement it’s because you need it. Your existing windows are draughty, you need more space, or your kitchen is looking tired and outdated. But when it comes to prioritising projects, it is also useful to know which improvements are a good investment for the future. Here’s a collection of some of our favourite projects to add value to your home.

1.Energy efficiency is becoming an increasingly important aspect of a property’s value. The Government is implementing more stringent legislation about the fuel we use to heat our homes as well as the improvements we utilise to keep warm and eliminate any unnecessary heat loss. Most windows in situ in the UK don’t match the standard of windows being manufactured today, so replacing windows would have a positive impact on the property’s energy efficiency. This is important for short-term savings on fuel bills, but also great for adding value to a property with a more impressive energy performance certificate.

2. Extensions and light, bright spaces continue in popularity and therefore desirability, pushing up the value of extended properties. The plethora of glazing products available today makes this an exciting development opportunity. Whether it’s upgrading an existing conservatory with a solid roof with roof lights, adding an impressive roof lantern to an existing extension, or adding a new extension with bi-fold or patio doors that unite the inside of your home and the outside, the world really is your oyster when it comes to opening up spaces and bringing light into the home. Extensions have been cited as one of the best home improvements you can make to add value to your property, with the reputable site Checkatrade suggesting that homeowners could add as much as 20% to the value of their home.  

SP 68 Home extension
SlimPatio 68 rear home extension

3. Garden landscaping – Another way to add value to a property is to improve the garden. Depending on the space you have and the condition of your existing garden, relandscaping your garden can be a great investment with studies citing that an investment of just under £3,000 can add as much as 77% onto the value of your property. And if you want to go the extra mile, add some new bi-fold or patio doors to your garden refurb budget to bring your beautiful new garden into your interior space.     

Bloors Aluminium: garden room

4. Kitchen upgrades continue to be one of the most popular home improvements. At the most basic level this might be an upgrade of existing kitchen units. However, the more significant the kitchen improvement, the more value will be added to your home. Perhaps you can knock down a wall to create a sought-after open plankitchen/dining/living space environment. It might even be worth changing the layout of the room and replacing an existing window with a door to open up the space even more.

Grabex Windows: sliding door kitchen refurbishment

5. Bi-fold or sliding doors – For a smaller investment but big wow factor, it’s worth considering adding bi-fold or patio doors to an existing room. With some experts suggesting these types of additions can improve the value of your home by up to 10%, this is a great way to significantly upgrade your property without the level of investment involved in projects such as a full extension.

Luxal Rear Bifold Extension

Where do I start with home improvements that add value?

Once you have decided to invest in your existing property and you have decided which home improvement to progress, you need to find a trustworthy supplier to deliver the goods. This can be a daunting task but there are lots of review and comparison sites now available that can offer peace of mind. If you’re looking for new aluminium windows or doors, we have removed the hassle of the search for you by creating a network of Reynaers at Home Partners. All of which have financial stability and have been trading for at least 3 years, have been vetted to make sure their premises, products and employees are fit for purpose, and all of which employ trained professional to ensure each installation is completed to the highest standard. All Reynaers at Home Partners must also adhere to the terms and conditions of our stringent code of conduct offering homeowners like you, additional peace of mind.  

Need professional advice on design, specification or installation?

We have a network of carefully selected local installers who will help guide you through your home transformation process.