Accreditations to look out for when buying new windows and doors

Many UK homes could benefit from reduced energy bills and warmer interiors if their windows were replaced. But it’s an expensive home improvement to undertake and you need to be sure your new windows and doors are future proof by meeting or hopefully even exceeding current Building Regulations and industry standards. So, what do you need to look out for when researching new windows and doors?

5 Accreditations that signal a good buy

1. BFRC Rating – The British Fenestration Ratings Council (BFRC) offers a trusted ratings system to show the energy performance of windows and doors. Using the same recognisable rainbow ratings as we see on our fridges, freezers and washing machines, the aim of the BFRC system is to offer impartial proof that the windows and doors you are buying will perform accordingly.

Building Regulations currently require a Window Energy Rating of B or above and a Doorset Energy Rating of C or above, but most UK households have windows that were installed prior to this legislation and are therefore lower performing.

Windows and doors can also demonstrate their compliance with Building Regulations using a U-Value rating. The lower the U-Value, the more energy efficient the product. Windows and doors must achieve a rating of 1.4W/m2K or lower.

When choosing your next home improvement, it’s worth checking the energy rating and if you’re able, opting for a higher performing product to future proof your home.

pas 24 security

2. PAS 24: 2022 – None of us like to think about the worst-case scenario of someone breaking into our homes, but checking the security accreditation on your new windows and doors can offer some peace of mind. One of the things to look out for is that your windows and doors comply with Product Assessment Specification (PAS) 24. Windows and doors with PAS 24 compliance have met the minimum legal requirement for security and should therefore resist a certain level of attack from an opportunistic burglar. The specification is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure it covers any new tactics being used by burglars and is used to prove compliance to Approved Document Q of the Building Regulations, which is required on all New Build properties.

3. Secured by Design (SBD) – Sticking with the important topic of protecting our homes, SBD is the official police security scheme that looks to improve the security of buildings to make them safe. It includes a specific product accreditation scheme that is awarded to products that can deter or reduce crime. Windows and doors that are made with SBD accreditation must be made by an SBD license holder who goes through rigorous independent UKAS testing. They must also demonstrate they have met the stringent standards of enhanced security performance as set out by the police.  

reynaers secured by design
bsi iso reynaers

4. BSI ISO 14001 – The BSI ISO 14001 Environmental Management standard is becoming increasingly important. If you are looking for products that have been manufactured responsibly, this standard is a good indication of that. It is awarded to companies for taking into consideration the environment at every step of the manufacturing process to ensure they better control their impact on the environment, reduce the risk of potentially costly pollution incidents and ensure compliance with environmental legislation.

It’s worth noting that this standard is awarded to the manufacturer and not the products they make, so you can ask your installer about the manufacturers that supply them or do a quick online search on the companies yourself.

5. FENSA – When considering which home improvement company to use for your new windows and doors, look out for the FENSA logo. Members of the FENSA scheme will issue you with a FENSA certificate on completion of the work, to assure you that your new windows and doors meet current legislation. Not only does this give you peace of mind for the here and now it will also allow you to sell your property in the future as it is mandatory to have either a FENSA certificate or Building Regulations certificate in place to sell your house.

fensa approved reynaers

Be reassured with Reynaers

Choosing the right windows and doors for your home, and the right company to install them, can be a daunting task. Don’t be afraid to ask your chosen installer for a list of the accreditations they hold, and a list of accreditations held by the manufacturers they use. You might find they don’t have all the above, and they may have some that we haven’t listed here, but hopefully this is a useful starting point and a good way to open the conversation. 

Our Reynaers at Home installer network works hard to deliver high performing windows and doors that meet and even exceed various energy efficiency, security, and sustainable benchmarks to give you the reassurance you need. You can find all of the Reynaers Aluminium accreditations and member associations here.

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