Reynaers open day highlights importance of sustainability to installers

Installers were urged to make sustainability a priority in their offering to homeowners during an open day held at Reynaers Aluminium UK.

The aluminium doors, windows and facades specialist invited a number of installers to the event at its Birmingham headquarters to learn more about product development, installer support packages and anticipated changes to building regulations.

With the implementation of the Future Homes Standard due in 2025, Reynaers Technical Director John McComb warned installers and fabricators that as more homeowners make choices with the environment in mind, a commitment to sustainability will become a necessity.

While environmental, social, and corporate governance goals have led to high sustainability standards in the commercial sector, the residential sector has largely seen change driven by regulation not customer demand.

However, John McComb warned installers it is only a matter of time before sustainability is put under a microscope in the trade and retail sector as homeowners become more invested in making choices with the environment in mind.

reynaers at home john mccomb

He said: “There is an assumption that homeowners’ decisions are not driven by sustainability, however that will not last.

“This is not a time to be complacent, this is an opportunity. Make sure you remain at the forefront of your industry and when the demand is there, you are able to meet it – and prove your own environmental credentials.”

“Product credentials are hugely important for architects – and homeowners – looking for a sustainable choice. Make sure this is available to you. Across the industry this is a work in progress, but the information should be there.

“At Reynaers we have that information available to installers and fabricators now and have been working to make that as easy as possible to access through digital tools.”

Through its sustainability strategy Reynaers Act, the company has pledged to reduce its direct carbon emissions by 46% and indirect carbon emissions by 55% by 2030, as well as to source more low carbon aluminium. Reynaers Aluminium already currently has nine systems certified to Cradle to Cradle standards, accounting for 40% of all turnover. The plan is to certify nine more systems by 2024.

From 2024 the company will be adding digital passports to all its products to provide easily accessible information detailing the materials used and end-of-life instructions to allow reuse.

Installers at the day were also given an insight into support that is available to them from Reynaers through its dedicated customer portal, with a new extended package including free access to product images, renders, showroom assets, logos and product brochures.

Through the Reynaers at Home website, Reynaers works to support partners by connecting homeowners directly with a local Reynaers at Home installer.

Interactive showroom tour with Terry Ledwith, Head of Sales Trade and Retail

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