Reynaers achieves a triple PAS 24 on its market-leading lift and slide doors

The elegant Concept Patio 130 and HiFinity ultra-slim profile lift and slide systems, which both offer the sought-after open corner option, in addition to Reynaers’ superior sustainability option, MasterPatio, have all achieved updated intense and rigorous PAS (Performance Assessment Specification) 24 security certification. 

Reynaers Aluminium Group is committed to product development and testing with access to seven test centres, an extensive product development team and over 200 engineers through its global network.  PAS 24 is a standard of independent testing to measure the security performance of windows and doorsets to ensure they can resist a level of attack from an opportunist burglar.  

ConceptPatio 130 is the group’s most popular lift and slide door system and currently holds a UK market-leading position.  There’s a good reason for this.  It’s robust, well-engineered, Doc L compliant, high-performance, competitively priced and, like all of Reynaers’ systems, is built to last the test of time.

HiFinity, is the group’s high-end option, with its ultra-slim profile, which offers a minimalistic look. It can also be fabricated to a height of over 4 metres and can achieve a U-value as low as 1.0W/mK².  

MasterPatio is another high-performance door system offering superior insulation and recycled components, which makes it an ideal sustainability upgrade for any building project.  This system can achieve a U-value as low as 0.82W/mK² and is just one of nine Reynaers systems that are Cradle-to-Cradle certified. The plan, in line with Reynaers Act – the group’s sustainability strategy – is to have a further nine systems Cradle-to-Cradle certified by 2024.

reynaers at home masterpatio

Due to the slimline design of many of Reynaers’ aluminium solutions, the mechanisms are hidden from sight to preserve the clean lines required for high-end, design-led installations.

However, to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with slimline solutions, Reynaers continues to develop its products even after they have been successfully launched to constantly provide additional value and exceed customer expectations.  

The slimline nature of the products and the demand for concealed components means building in additional functionality and security measures poses a challenge. However, as John McComb, Technical Services Director at Reynaers, explains, the product development team thrive on such challenges, even designing components from scratch where needed. 

He said: “Product development and innovation is central to the Reynaers’ ethos. We are not a company that stands still, instead we have dedicated teams that constantly work to enhance and upgrade our products, continually moving the capability forwards. 

“The launch of a product does not mark the end of its evolution, even when a product is enjoying market success we will continue to research and test how we can bring even more additional value to it. 

“Ultimately the reason for this is to meet and exceed the expectations of customers, to make sure they have a product that does exactly what they want – and more – and to always offer high quality, innovative solutions.”

reynaers at home john mccomb
John McComb – Technical Director

He added: “Achieving high levels of security without compromising on the aesthetic means that components need to be specifically designed, especially in ultra slim contemporary glazing where the locking system is concealed. 

“With different products available within the same range, where a certain level of security has been specified, it is always advisable to check with a member of our technical team that your chosen product specification is PAS 24 compliant.”

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