Reynaers looks ahead to 2025 with leaders at Glazing Summit

There was a key focus on thermal efficiency as industry leaders discussed the impact of new sustainability targets at this year’s Glazing Summit held at Edgbaston Stadium and Conference Centre, in Birmingham.

A platinum sponsor of the event, Reynaers Aluminium UK took a leading role in discussions on what lies ahead for the glazing industry as part of a panel focusing on legislation to cut carbon emissions.

Having taken a prominent role in reassuring customers about the changes to Part L of the Building Regulations that came into play in June, John McComb, Technical Services Director of Reynaers, focused on the ‘road to 2025’ and meeting the next step of the Government plan to cut carbon emissions.

Under the Future Homes Standard legislation, carbon emissions from new build homes must be 75 per cent lower than current levels by 2025.

“The focus is now firmly on the next step of the sustainability drive to prepare for the implementation of the 2025 targets,” explains John McComb.

“This will mean a continued effort to improve the heat retention of windows, doors, curtain walls and glazed structures. In real terms this means radically improving the thermal efficiency of all fabrics to drive down the U-Value and planning ahead will be vital to ensure all parties are able to meet the new regulations.

“Innovation and a commitment to quality has enabled Reynaers to meet and exceed the current targets. As 2025 nears we will continue to work alongside trade bodies to meet the new standards and improve the thermal efficiency of our systems and products.”

The Glazing Summit also addressed the wider challenges facing the industry. As with many trades, issues with the supply chain and a skills shortage have posed problems for the glazing industry.

Reynaers enjoyed taking an active part in considering solutions to the challenges of meeting a skills shortage and the need to attract a younger generation into the glazing industry, who will be able to acquire the right skillset and carry that forward. Diversity was also identified as an issue, with the industry committed to expanding opportunities for everyone and reaching a wider base of people.

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