Why aluminium Bifold doors

Aluminium is a popular choice for bifold doors. It has many advantages over uPVC and timber, which are other common materials.  Aluminium is the ideal frame for external bifold doors for a number of reasons. Not only is it the most sustainable of metals, but aluminium bifold doors are incredibly durable, energy-efficient, low maintenance and fully customisable.

Reynaers at Home’s aluminium bifold doors can be designed to fit almost any size, space or configuration. They’re very versatile and add a touch of elegance to any home. Aluminium bifold doors are also practical. If you’re interested in renovating your home, here are some examples of the benefits of aluminium bifold doors.

Aluminium bifold doors are reliable

Aluminium is a strong and durable metal able to withstand nearly all weather conditions and is resilient to general wear and tear. It’s longer-lasting than other materials and you can guarantee you’re making a good investment. Aluminium bifold doors will keep your home safe and secure for longer. There might be a higher initial cost but due to the fact they’re so reliable, they’re actually a cheaper investment overall.

Bifold doors to keep you in the garden in autumn

Increased security

Aluminium bifold doors are incredibly secure and come with a high-tech locking system. This is adaptable to any home and will give you and your family peace of mind. Whether you want to install external bifold doors in your kitchen, living room or conservatory, they will protect your home.

Not only do aluminium external bifold doors have a state-of-the-art locking system, but they are also made from double or triple glazing. You can also choose to add more privacy with a range of blinds and curtains. You could even install remote control blinds which can operate from a device or smartphone.

Thermal efficiency

Aluminium bifold doors come fitted with thermal breaks. They’re also available in both double and triple glazing. This means they’re incredibly energy-efficient. Aluminium is ideal if you’re looking for a more sustainable choice for external bifold doors.

Their thermal efficiency means that they protect you from outside elements whatever the season. During the winter, your home will be kept warm and cosy, and during the summer they’ll keep the place cool and fresh. You’ll even save on your bills as they offer good insulation meaning less heat is lost through the glass.

Different colours available

Another benefit of aluminium bifold doors is that they’re versatile and available in different colours and styles. You can even get them in timber effect. This creates the timeless look of timber with all the practical benefits of aluminium bifold doors.

Aluminium bifold doors add a touch of elegance to any room, whatever colour or style you choose them in. Their aesthetic can be adapted to a variety of types of decor, from modern minimalist to a more rustic country look. You can choose the bifold doors that suit your home.

internal stacking bi fold doors

Different textures available

Along with different colours, there are also different textures available for bifold doors. The aluminium is very durable so even complex layouts can be accommodated. You can also opt for a range of textured finishes to complete the look.

Aluminium bifold doors are available in a selection of realistic wood grain effects. These include natural oak, golden oak, walnut and mahogany. You can also opt for stone effects such as obsidian black or sophisticated metallic finishes. There’s really a lot to choose from and you can adapt the design to the decor of your home.

Aluminium offers the best views

Aluminium bifold doors offer the best views when compared with other materials such as woods and uPVC. This is due to the fact that aluminium is incredibly strong, making it possible to have very thin frames. You can also opt for larger panels as fewer are required seen as the material is so strong.

Enjoy the best frames and see more of your garden with aluminium bifold doors. They allow for wider window space and help to bring more light into your living room, kitchen or conservatory. External bifold doors traditional lead into the garden, so why not enhance the flow between the outside and your house?

Fully customisable

One of the best things about aluminium bifold doors is that they’re so versatile. You can adapt them to any room and they’ll always be both practical and stylish. You can customise the colour, texture and size to your liking. You can even fit them into complex layouts and accommodate virtually any space. They’re aesthetically pleasing and their subtle, elegant look can go with a variety of styles of decor.

At Reynears at Home, our premium aluminium bifold doors can be finished to match your existing windows and frames. Effortlessly extend your living space into a more tranquil haven of natural light with fantastic views. If you’re looking to add external bifold doors to your home, request a brochure today.

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