Using windows and doors to create an intimate walled garden

Converting or building a new property gives you a great opportunity to not only create a wonderful new home, but to use windows and doors in a way that really puts your own creative mark on the property.

A great way to add a key feature to your new place is to use windows and doors to create an intimate little walled garden that’s only accessible from one room – and not connected to the rest of the garden.

You could then fill the space with raised beds, climbing plants, and a simple table and chairs at which to sit while you read or listen to music playing inside the home.

Little gardens of this kind work particularly well off unexpected places, such as a private study.

Creating such a space is relatively straightforward. Simply fit either sliding doors or bifold doors into your designs for this room and then build out a high brick wall in a u-shape in the outdoor space that surrounds this opening.

Not only will this prove to be a great design feature – and a private little sun trap – but it could also bring tranquility to a room that might not have otherwise benefited from outdoors space.

Additionally, building a little extra bit of garden like this can be a great way to make use of awkward outdoor space. A narrow or overlooked section of garden that might not otherwise ever get used can be revitalised as the best – and most chic – part of your property.

Intimate Walled Garden Windows and Doors

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