Combining Sliding Patio Doors With Windows

Sliding patio doors from Reynaers at Home can become seamlessly integrated with a variety of different window styles. Sophisticated aluminium frames can be made to measure to work with whatever architectural concept you design for your home. Therefore, installing your patio doors with roof windows or even with a glazed wall is a possibility.

Open Plan Living Spaces With Glazed Walls

Open plan living spaces are becoming ever more popular in new build and renovation projects. To really create an open plan living space that is stunning and filled with natural light, consider installing sliding patio doors surrounded by glazed walls, creating a completely unobstructed view into the garden. This can make your open plan room the perfect place to host guests, allowing for easy movement into and out of the garden.

Double Height Spaces

You may have a double-height space, such as a mezzanine room that needs extra light to stop it from becoming dark and gloomy. If so, you could consider fitting sliding patio doors with a series of panoramic windows fitted into a roof that sits immediately above them to really make the most of the extra height.

Reynaers at Home windows and doors can be installed to suit your specific requirements, no matter the dimensions of the room. Installing sliding patio doors with bespoke windows could be just the solution you need to complete your dream home!

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