Aluminium Windows: seven window types

When you’re renovating your home or building a once-in-a-lifetime property, getting the look and feel right means applying your attention to so many different areas. One of the biggest areas of focus is making sure you fit the right windows and doors. Here at Reynaers At Home not only are we keen to supply aluminium windows and doors that match your exact requirements, but we’re also happy to share our knowledge about the design of windows and doors with our customers. That’s why we have put together this guide to the seven most common window types available on the market today:


Casement windows

This is the UK’s most common window type. Usually, it’s divided into several outward opening sections that are usually hinged on the side or at the top.

Tilt-turn windows

These windows have a more modern feel as they tend to have fewer but larger sections that open inwards when you turn the handle 180 degrees or tilt in at the top when the handle is turned 90 degrees.

Sliding sash windows

This traditional window style uses weights on cords or springs to counterbalance the, typically, four moving sections of the window which run up and down the frame to create openings at the top and bottom.

Fully reversible windows

Mainly used in apartments or flats, these windows are designed to be rotated, dropping outwards and down from the top, so the outside can be easily cleaned from indoors.

Parallel opening windows

These windows are rarely used in domestic buildings and are more commonly supplied as part of a curtain wall design. They rely on a ‘scissor hinge’ to open the window by moving the glass out forwards away from the frame yet keeping the same plane as the surrounding wall.

Fixed light

Fixed windows are often found in the company of windows with moving sections as they simply maximise the area given over to glass to improve views and bring in more light. They can be very big.

Curtain wall

Typically, this type of window is used for commercial properties, but in a domestic setting, this can be very effective, especially when creating a double-height atrium or stairwell.

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