Exchanging old steel windows and doors with a sleek, contemporary replacement

Part of the appeal of many vintage buildings can be attributed to traditional, robust-looking steel windows and doors. They add a solidity and grandeur that’s hard to replace. Yet for many, the aesthetics of old-fashioned windows and doors barely compensates for their poor performance.

Thankfully, luck is at hand. Reynaers At Home has enhanced one of its key ranges to now have the look and feel of traditional steel-framed windows and doors, but with the high-performance and reliability of a contemporary system.

Exchanging old steel windows and doors with a sleek, contemporary replacement

Our CS 38 system has been upgraded to new systems called SL 38 and SL 38-HI. Basically, that means we can now combine the look of old-style steel-framed windows and doors in an aluminium glazing system that respects traditional design, mimics the look of steel, but also offers vast improvements in thermal performance.

These new aluminium windows and doors are available in three unique designs – Classic, Cubic, and Ferro – as well as in sleek slim-frame versions that encourage more light into the home. The system is also suitable for the fitting of both double and triple glazing, ensuring that your home will not only look great but also be cosy.

The versatility of these new windows and doors makes them the perfect choice when renovating a traditional building. Old glazing can be swapped for new, adding great performance without altering the vintage appeal of the property. Equally, these design-led windows and doors can be used on a new build where their sleek look and thermal and weather-protection properties make them a great option.

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