Cost effective aluminium windows and doors are ideal for creating low energy use buildings

Leading provider of aluminium architectural glazing systems Reynaers at Home says that aluminium systems not only offer top energy efficiency levels but also can help to add value to a home too. According to 40% of architects, a cost effective solution for customers looking to sell or wait for a better housing market can be to install larger windows and doors, which lends a fantastic opportunity for fabricators and installers.

When adding a striking extension to a home it’s important that homeowners have access to sound advice regarding product choice and are able to find the right solution for their specific build. Amongst other issues they should consider the orientation of their new building, as the direction the rooms face might ultimately help determine their use.

North-facing rooms get less sun than any other, and windows with a high Energy Rating will maximise what energy is gained from the sun so it can remain warm throughout the year. Reynaers at Home has a number of outstanding aluminium window and door systems that are able to maximise light entry whilst at the same time improve thermal efficiency. Its high performance CS 77 HI+ window system has achieved a from the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC).

The BFRC’s window rating system was introduced to meet the need for simple and accurate certification regarding the thermal performance of window products. Windows are rated on an A to G scale based on their total energy efficiency, which allows fabricators to quickly and easily choose the most suitable window for their needs.

The Reynaers at Home Concept Window System had to achieve a rating index of 10 or above to be awarded the A+ grade which is the present highest level. The BFRC rating system checks all of the important factors that contribute to the energy efficiency of a window system, including U-value, solar heat gain, air tightness and sightlines.

John McComb, Director Technical Services at Reynaers at Home, said: “Our aluminium windows and doors give energy conscious architects and fabricators the ideal system when creating low energy use buildings. The CS 77 HI+ triple chamber system has the highest levels of insulation, thus preserving as much energy as possible. The system can be installed with either inward or outward opening casements and has integrated gasket seals to ensure superior wind and water tightness. The advanced technology brings the Uf Value down to 1.2 W/m2K.”

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