When extending isn’t an option: glazing solutions that add extra space to your home

For lots of people, building an extension is the simple and easy way to increase their living space – but for just as many, planning restrictions, a lack of budget or limited available space mean this isn’t an option.

But all is not lost. It’s possible to increase your living space and create a place where you can enjoy entertaining in natural light through clever use of your garden.



Fitting a roof over the patio can help extend your home outdoors. Imagine being able to take all your summer lunches outside even when the weather conspires to send down an annoying shower. If you have a veranda, you need not pack up and head inside when the weather interferes with your plans.

Verandas can be built to your specific requirements. And once up, our aluminium designs look great and are low maintenance. In addition to not having to worry about repainting or rot, unlike an awning, a veranda does not need to be put away when the wind picks up. It really is the ideal way to turn your garden into some useful additional living space for entertaining in the summer months – even when the weather isn’t at its best.

Winter garden glazing

But it isn’t just summer when we need extra space. What about those bright days later in the year when the only thing keeping you from entertaining friends outside is a chill breeze?

A complementary system like our winter garden glazing solution can keep that chill off and allow you to enjoy the outdoor space for much longer.

Comprising a series of individual glazed panels that slide on a track, this solution enables you to use as many or as few panels as you need to shelter from the breeze. On warmer days, you can stack all the panels to the side out of the way, and on the breezier days you have the luxury of shelter from the breeze whilst still being able to enjoy the views of the garden.

Combining the winter garden glazing with a veranda provides a good level shelter from the elements, creates a wonderful additional space for entertaining and will allow you to enjoy the garden much later into the year.

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