Architectural glazing solutions: key questions for your architect

When adding a breathtaking extension or building your dream home, choosing architectural glazing that gives you the contemporary style you need is vital. Whether your dream is a drawing room flooded with natural light or a living space that blends effortlessly into the garden, turning that into reality is just a couple of key considerations away.

Which threshold would be best?

Combining indoor comfort with the freshness of outdoor life can bring a relaxed holiday feel to the most ordinary of weekends. We call this ‘bringing the outside in’, but how do you ensure a smooth transition to the garden while keeping the changeable British weather at bay?

Adding sliding folding doors can be a great option; allowing you to peel back a wall when its fine and extend the living room onto the patio or decking. The key is getting a threshold that’s right for you. There are a range of options to suit both the weather resistance and style you’re looking for.

In essence it is a trade-off between the height of the threshold and the level of weather resistance. At one end of the spectrum you can choose a ‘flat bottom solution’ that leaves a completely flat floor between inside and out. This option looks great but is not suitable for a door that is exposed to the wind and rain. At the other end of the spectrum you can choose a high threshold that you need to step over when the door is open, but gives excellent weather resistance. Fortunately, there are also a couple of options in between where you can choose to have a low threshold that still offers a good degree of protection from the elements. They key to getting this right is to consider how exposed the location is and discuss your options with your architect.


Do we have space for glazing that makes a statement?

The short answer is yes. Modern sliding patio doors and bifold doors offer great flexibility and can be engineered to fit compact areas and larger spaces. If you are lucky enough to enjoy panoramic views from your home, then state-of-the-art aluminium windows and doors have the strength necessary to carry vast glass panes without compromising on performance. Whatever your space and requirements there are options to create something unique and special.

Materials – what will work well for me?

Rotten or warped wooden frames, fuggy aluminium boxes, and unsightly plastic can be put in the past. Innovative design means materials have come a long way in recent times. The discerning homeowner can now take advantage of a material’s best qualities without compromising on aesthetics. The trick is finding the material that suits your needs. Premium aluminium frames, for example, don’t rot nor rust and take advantage of the material’s core strength to provide a chic, slimline, glazing surround.

Need professional advice on design, specification or installation?

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