Self Build Windows and Doors

Many of us dream of building our own house but only a select few of us manage to realise this dream. Of these lucky few, most are discerning consumers who demand premium quality products and exceptional levels of customer service.

Whether you want huge windows with uninterrupted views, a beautifully engineered bi-fold door that opens up the house to the garden, or perhaps a large sliding patio door with a state-of-the-art remote control operation, choosing our windows and doors can make the difference between the ordinary and the spectacular.

Transforming a vision into reality may involve making decisions on things that are entirely new. When it comes to selecting self build windows and doors there can be many considerations. Here are just a few pointers to ensure your finished home has that all important wow factor.

Aluminium Windows and doors in a grand home

Imaginative design
Windows and doors are often over-looked as a possible design feature, but with some careful thought and imagination, they can transform a room, giving it character and making the room a pleasure to use.

A panoramic window can turn a bathroom from functional space into a tranquil retreat. Imagine relaxing amongst the bubbles with a drink in hand and a view to gaze at. It could be wonderful.


Fitting our largest sliding doors can give your living space floor-to-ceiling and virtual wall-to-wall glass that can be rolled back at the touch of a button, while bifold doors can turn your open plan kitchen / dining area into the hub of your home as you push them back in summer and let the garden in. Imagine the parties!

When setting out to build a striking new home or to add a breathtaking extension, it’s worth considering the direction each new room will face. East-facing rooms might be perfect for a kitchen, for instance, as they will get the morning sun. Likewise, if you like to have a lie-in in the mornings, you may choose not to have your master bedroom facing East where it will be more difficult to block out the morning sun. North-facing rooms tend to be darker, so you might want to build larger windows into the design to maximize the natural light. If on the south side of the house you want to have large areas of glass, you may want to specify solar-control glass to help keep the room cooler in the summer months.


Noises off!
If you’re building or renovating near a busy road, a rail link or a flight path, acoustic performance can be as important as security or thermal performance. There are a number of ways in which windows and doors can be specified to help insulate against unwanted noise: The design of the frame certainly makes a difference, and the glass manufacturers now offer a range of very advanced acoustic laminates. The number of panes of glass can make a difference too, as can the thickness of the glass and the gaps between the panes. Your Reynaers at Home dealership will be able to offer some more detailed advice on the options available to you.

Energy efficiency
One of the most important trends in house-building today is energy efficiency. Faced with the prospect of global warming and rising energy bills, we understand how important it is to keep your home cosy and warm whilst keeping the bills to a minimum. For more information on U-values and the Window Energy Rating System, please contact us

Reyners has a range of windows, doors, sliding door and bifold doors that not only meet the relevant European security standards, but also meet the more stringent requirements to be awarded the Secured By Design accreditation. This not only helps to give you peace of mind that you home, possessions and family are safe and secure, it can also help keep your insurance premiums down.


Need professional advice on design, specification or installation?

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