Folding patio doors – engineered without compromise

Drawing on nearly 50 years of experience, and supported by a world-class design and testing centre, Reynaers’ folding patio doors range sets new standards for excellence.

Our bespoke folding patio doors are engineered without compromise to combine elegant aesthetics with the very best in performance and reliability. Open your room to the outside with our spectacular floor to ceiling doors, built with the highest standards of strength, durability, acoustic performance and security. Talk to us today and get the world class support for architects, builders and self-builders to make your vision a reality.

Folding Patio Doors half 2
Folding Patio Doors half

Ultimate strength and durability

Ingenious design coupled with the core strength of an aluminium frame means our folding patio doors are able to support bigger and heavier panes of glass and span wider openings. This means we can produce of some of the biggest doors available. Our patio doors can comprise a maximum of 8 door leafs, can be up to three metres in height and up to seven metres across.

Folding Patio Doors

Our folding patio doors feature the highest security standards

Innovative design means our folding patio doors aren’t just great functionally and aesthetically – the frames, hinges and locking systems are also expertly engineered to make our doors one of the most secure on the market. In fact our folding patio doors are so good at keeping out intruders, they are one of a very few such products to have been awarded the respected Secured by Design accreditation.


Industry-leading acoustic design

Living in a built-up area can make noise reduction an important feature. To guard against unwelcome noise, our in-house acoustic test facility has been put to good use in designing folding patio doors that dampen sound. When coupled with acoustic glazing, busy roads and overhead air traffic will seem like a distant memory.


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