Structurally glazed sliding doors

Structurally glazed sliding doors

Hi-Finity structurally glazed sliding doors incorporate an ingenious design that allows the discerning home-owner to install ever bigger and wider areas of glass into the home, while keeping the amount of frame on show to a minimum. Thanks to this cutting-edge technology, rooms across the country can now be enhanced with virtual walls of Reynaers at Homes sliding glass that draw in abundant views and superior levels of natural light.

Imagine walking into your living room early on a summer’s evening as the light covers every surface in a soft golden sheen, then rolling back your structurally glazed sliding doors so the space is also filled with the gentle sounds of the garden. What could be more relaxing and perfect?

State-of-the-art engineering with structurally glazed sliding doors

Ordinarily, the strength and rigidity of a sliding door system is provided by the aluminium frame. Although aluminium frames can support very big doors, there is a growing demand for doors that have ultra-slim frames.

Structurally glazed sliding doors are engineered differently. With this type of door the glass forms the structure of the door panel rather than the aluminium frame. As the glass sealed unit bears the load, the aluminium frame serves to finish off the door panels and provides the outer frame that connects the system to the fabric of the home. As a result door sizes can be pushed even further and the thickness of the frame can be reduced.

As the outer frame is designed to be concealed behind the surrounding wall, Reynaers at Homes innovative Hi-Finity structurally glazed sliding door really can deliver the ideal of having floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall glass.

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