Choosing a new back door – where to start

There are a lot of reasons why an increasing number of people are opting to upgrade the back door of their home. Some simply need to replace an existing faulty door, while many others are looking to redesign a room and see the door as a central feature. Whichever applies to you, the prospect of searching for a new back door can be a daunting one. There are so many different styles now available, let alone colour options, hardware designs, and security considerations. But never fear, Reynaers at Home is here! We’re going to help you to break down the decision-making process so you can find the perfect back door for you.

Step 1: Consider what you want from your new back door

Before you even start looking at different styles and options for your new back door, we would recommend taking a moment to consider how you currently use the space in which your back door resides, and how you would like to use it. Perhaps your back door is part of your north facing dining space, and its most important function is to give you a good view of the garden. Or perhaps you want to open up the space for more seamless indoor/outdoor living? In some homes the back door is in the living room and so keeping the space warm while being able to open it up in nicer weather is what is important to you. Is your existing back door big enough, or are you looking to open up the space even more? There are no right or wrong answers to these questions, but how you use the space around your back door, and how you would like to use it, is a good place to start.

Step 2: Which material is best for a new back door?

This is worth mentioning because people sometimes think that if they currently have a PVC-U back door, they should replace it with like for like in terms of material and style. This isn’t the case. When you come to replace any window or door in your home, it’s an opportunity to do something different should you wish to.

The material choices for your new back door are aluminium, timber, and PVC-U. Each has its merits and the style of your property, and your own personal preferences will come into play here. As there has been an increase in demand for dark grey windows and doors, but especially patio or bi-fold doors, aluminium is a popular choice. While timber doors will require more maintenance over their lifetime, PVC-U and aluminium doors are on more of an equal footing in this regard.

It may however be worth considering which direction your back door is facing because if you have a south or west facing door, it is more likely to be exposed to warmer afternoon temperatures, an increasing problem with the higher temperatures we’re now experiencing in the UK. If this is the case, it is worth noting PVC-U will expand more than aluminium and so can become difficult to open and close.

Step 3: Which style of door is best?

The answer to this question will depend on how you are hoping to use the space. In terms of energy efficiency and security, all back doors can achieve a high level of both, but Reynaers certainly have options that offer enhanced security (CP 130 aluminium sliding doors) or high insulation for further improved energy efficiency (MasterPatio ). If you’re all about the view on the other hand you might want to consider doors with a slimmer frame such as our HiFinity sliding door option or our ConceptPatio 68.

Bi-fold doors are also a popular concept when replacing an existing back door but with more technicality involved, it’s particularly important to work with a respected manufacturer and installer to ensure your dream is realised without compromise. Again we have a range of bi-fold doors at Reynaers, such as the CF 68 Aluminium Bi-Fold door, that is suitable for more traditional sized openings, and the CF 77 Aluminium Bi-Fold door that can be used to facilitate larger openings, but both have been designed with functionality and ease of use in mind.     

Step 4: Select the finishing touches

Selecting the finishing touches for your new back door should be one of the last things you do and yet because we can be an impatient species, this is often where we like to start! We like to envisage how the door will look in terms of colours and handles. But of course, the finishing touches will depend on everything that has come before. The size and style of the installed door will affect which handles are available and recommended.

Similarly, the size of the frames around the door, and whether you opt for a bi-fold door or a slim frame patio door, might affect your colour choices. If you opt for something with a wider frame or with a higher volume of frame across the whole door, such as bi-fold doors, you’ll want to make sure the colour inside the property matches your interior colour scheme. Remember, it is possible to have different colours inside and out too, so if you want grey outside and white inside, this should be possible.   

You know which back door you want, now what?

Once you have given some thought to what you want your new space to look like, the material, style, and size of door you would prefer, and the finishing touches you’d like to complete it, it is time to get in touch with a local installer to make your dream a reality. It’s worth keeping an open mind at this stage because your installer may have new ideas, options or upgrades that will suit your needs even more, but it’s also useful to have considered the basics and have an idea of what you’re looking for before you are presented with all the options.   

If you are considering an aluminium patio door or bi-fold door, feel free to contact one of our trusted Reynaers at Home partners for more information on our complete range. You can find your local installer here.   

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