Introducing Natural Light To Your Home

Maximising the amount of natural light in your home can often help it seem a lot bigger than it is. As well as that, it has been proven to help improve your health, mood and productivity whilst also saving you money on your electricity bills. There are many ways to introduce more natural light into your home, some more expensive than others. Here, we will look at what options you have when looking to improve the natural light in your home.

Smart Decorating

When decorating your home, think about the colour scheme you are going to implement. Avoid using dark colours to paint or wallpaper walls as they absorb the natural light, preventing it flowing through your home. Flooring is an opportunity to transform your home, especially in rooms that suit flooring with a polished finish. These types of flooring are a better reflector of light and will help make the most of the natural light you let in. You can also increase the flow of natural light with the careful placement of reflective objects such as mirrors.

Cut Back Greenery

One of the biggest natural light killers is surrounding trees, bushes or climbing plants. Be sure to cut back greenery in your garden to make sure you take full advantage of any natural light. If you have a particularly large tree, we recommend speaking to an expert to remove this safely.

Our largest sliding aluminium doors now come triple glazed or as an elegant corner solutionInstall Aluminium Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are doors that run on a set of tracks, sliding backwards and forwards to operate them. compared to other materials, aluminium sliding doors  offer slim and narrow frames which means you can use larger panes of glass in them. Obviously, the larger the glass the more light you can let in, which is why they are an excellent solution to introduce natural light into your home., you can even couple aluminium sliding doors with aluminium windows, creating an almost wall of glass separating your home and your garden.

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