How Installing Exterior Bifold Doors Can Benefit Your Home

Exterior bifold doors are an increasingly popular choice for home renovation projects due to their customisable features. Regardless of the style of home you are trying to design, exterior bifold doors work with any aesthetic.

With their slim aluminium frames and large expanses of glass, exterior bifold doors compliment the aesthetic of exposed brick walls or other hard surfaces such as concrete floors or metal units and worktops. Not only can the brushed metal of the frames compliment the industrial chic of the building that surrounds a set of exterior bifold doors, but the vast expanse of glass they hold can help flood the building with natural light.

Flexible/Open Plan Home Designbifold doors

Exterior bifold doors adapt to your needs and also the weather by offering multiple opening options, from folding flush against the wall to the ability to open a single traffic door when exiting. Our exterior bifold doors manoeuvre on runners so that you can slide them open as much as you need.

In addition, Reynaers at Home exterior bifold doors can open inward or outward and come with four different threshold options to completely suit your lifestyle. Despite the different opening options they possess, our exterior bifold doors do not compromise on security, with Reynaers at Home holding a Secured by Design accreditation.

Renovating With Exterior Bifold Doors

When it comes to redeveloping your property any canvas can be the perfect starting point from which to create a wonderful new place in which to live. The trick to converting your property into a home of quality lies in incorporating aspects of the building’s old use with new elements you intend to introduce. Why not retain these older elements and counterpoint them with new, modern touches? To make this work, the right glazing on your exterior bifold doors could be just the thing.

Explore our range of beautifully designed exterior bifold doors or if you have any queries, get in touch with the Reynaers at Home team, we’re always here to help.

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