Improve Your Modern Home Aesthetic With Aluminium Windows

There can be few better examples of how a small section of unloved open space between buildings can be turned into something both practical and enjoyable with the use of aluminium windows. Without large aluminium windows, indoor space can be very dark and unflattering, as well as the outdoor space being cut off from the rest of the building.

There are many valuable benefits of aluminium windows in your home that are definitely worth considering when you design your home. From enhanced views and aesthetic improvements, these benefits provide valuable returns both financially and for your wellbeing.

Keep Your Modern Home Aestheticaluminium windows

Clean, open, and light-filled spaces can be accomplished through innovative aluminium window design. Large glass pane aluminium windows are by far one of the most recognisable characteristics of modern architecture both industrially and residentially. Aluminium window design in your home can improve your home’s market value and resale value.

Our Aluminium Window Designs

One of the major benefits of installing aluminium windows into your home is that their frames are typically slimmer, these narrow frames are unobtrusive and mimic the original sightlines so that you don’t have to compromise on the appearance of your home. Windows with large glass panes and slim frames are currently the most popular window system as they suit both traditional and contemporary homes. At Reynaers at Home, we have even specifically engineered ultra-slim frames for our customers.

There are also hundreds of matte and gloss colours and finishes to choose from. The colour and finish of your window will depend on the style of your property, so it could be worth considering one colour on the inside to suit your home interior, and another for the outside to suit the exterior of your home.

There are different opening options to choose from, such as outward opening, parallel opening, casement windows, fixed windows or tilt-turn windows. Explore our range of practical and innovatively designed aluminium windows or if you have any queries, get in touch with the Reynaers at Home team, we’re always here to help.

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