What Are The Different Types Of Folding Doors?

Aluminium bifold doors - perfect for a home gym

There are many different types of folding doors which work in slightly different ways. There are three main types that we will explain, so you know which one is suitable for your situation if you are choosing to install bifold doors in your home.

But before we get into the main types of folding doors, we first must understand what folding doors are. Folding doors consist of 2 sets of doors connected via hinges which when opened, allow the doors to fold back on themselves, giving the user access.

Here are the three main types of folding door:

Room Dividers

Room Dividers are suitable for a number of different applications, the common use for room dividers would be to split a room up into two separate sections. For sets with an even number of panels, people tend to have them open in the middle. For uneven numbers, many opt instead to take the doors to one side of the frame. They are sometimes fitted with glass and in this case, would be known as French doors.

Concertina Folding Doors

Concertina Doors are a popular choice for built-in wardrobes and closets. They are made from two panels joined in the middle by hinges and work by folding in the middle and tucking against the wall. With Concertina Doors, the amount of space required to open and close the door is reduced, making it perfect for an area where space is limited.

folding doors

Access Folding Doors

Access doors are usually found in larger areas in the home, making moving between the room more convenient and works the same way that standard internal doors do. An access door (usually left) opens independently to the rest of the folding door set but can be fitted either side of your opening and can be configured to open in your preferred direction to make it more convenient for your home.

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