Ideas For Installing Aluminium Folding Doors In Your New Build Home

Whether you are designing an industrial style home, a modern and minimalistic home or a more traditional style home, aluminium folding doors work with any aesthetic. Bifold doors are an increasingly popular choice for new build projects due to their flexibility and completely customisable features.

Aluminium is a sustainable and strong material that is guaranteed to last a lifetime whilst remaining low maintenance. Due to this there are no limits to the configurations of aluminium folding doors, you could even install an entire wall of bifold doors if you wanted. Aluminium frames come in hundreds of colours and finishes to match the style of your new home, even allowing you to choose different options for the interior and exterior frame.

We have listed some ideas below to get you started with choosing where to install bifold doors in your new build home:

folding and sliding doors
Folding and sliding doors in an open plan living space

Open Plan Living

Open plan living spaces are very common in new build or renovation projects these days, this can be due a lack of space, but also because it is very popular these days to entertain guests while cooking in the kitchen and open plan rooms make this possible. Consider a wall of floor to ceiling aluminium folding doors, filing up your open plan space with natural light, particularly ideal for smaller rooms.

external folding doors barn conversion
Bifold doors in a barn conversion leading onto a terrace area

Balconies and Terraces

Whether your bedroom leads onto a balcony or your living room leads onto your terrace, bifold doors are a great option because they offer some the most flexible opening options. They can be installed to stack inward or outward, can include up to 8 door leaf’s and offer the ability to insert a single exit door. This makes bifold doors perfect for effortlessly linking the interior with exterior spaces such as terraces or balconies.

folding doors with roof windows
Folding doors combined with roof windows above a terrace

Bifold Doors Combined with Windows or Walls

Aluminium folding doors can work with any complex architectural design. For example, consider fitting your folding doors underneath roof windows or glazed walls for an impressive two storey glass feature.

For more installation ideas, get in touch with our dealers to see what they can suggest for your new build or renovation project!

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