Patio Doors Versus French Doors

We explain patio doors and French doors below, including which homes they suit best to help you make a decision as to which style to install in your new build or renovation project.

Patio Doors

Patio doors are typically aluminium sliding doors with large panes of glass that are installed between the home and garden. Sliding doors glide along a track to open, where one pane slides across the other. Due to the fact that they do not extrude inwards or outwards, this can make them suitable for smaller gardens and patios so that you can make the most of the space. Patio doors mostly suit contemporary and modern homes with their sleek lines and large panes of glass that let large amounts of natural light into the home.

Canfield Gardens Sliding patio doors

French Doors

French doors are a traditional style of hinged door that open inwards or outwards rather than slide or fold to the side. They are constrained by the size of the door leaf, and so are smaller than patio doors, which generally makes them suitable for smaller homes. French doors are an all-round great performer that work well in most styles of home with their practicality and simplicity.

french patio doors

Alternative Patio Doors

Alternatively, if you can’t choose between patio doors or the French door style, consider bifold doors for the best of both worlds. Aluminium bifold doors are patio doors that both slide and fold meaning there is immense versatility when it comes to opening options. The entire door can be pushed to the side, pushed flush against the wall or just a single traffic door can be opened for quick movement between indoors and out. Bifold doors can allow for large panes of glass with up to 8 door leaves for the ultimate design statement that gives you absolute control.

Bifold doors open plan living

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