Internal Versus External Stacking Bi Fold Doors

Bifold doors offer many benefits for homes in the UK such as the flexible opening options, high thermal efficiency, large panes of glass that bring in plenty of light, and high performing security features. So if you’ve already made the decision to install bifold doors, you will now need to consider how you would prefer the doors to fold. We weigh up the different options below.

external stacking bi fold doors uk

External Stacking Bi Fold Doors

For homes with limited space, it can be preferable to stack your aluminium bifold doors outside of the home to ensure maximum living space inside. This means you don’t have to worry about having to move things around when you want to open your doors.  Additionally, if you’re really looking to extend your home into the outdoors then external stacking doors could be the ideal transition from your home into the garden.

However, if your patio is on the smaller side this might not be ideal, the folded door leaves could cause an obstruction into your patio space and so internal stacking might be a more suitable option to consider.

internal stacking bi fold doors

Internal Stacking Bi Fold Doors

When choosing internal stacking doors, you must account for the space it takes to stack your doors inside of your home. If you have the room to do this, it means you can keep your bifold doors out of the elements, which is especially important with the unpredictable weather in the UK. Stacking the door leaves inside will also make them easier to maintain and clean, although generally, aluminium bifold doors are already low maintenance. Another point to consider for families with children is that internal stacking doors can be tucked safely away inside, which can give you that extra peace of mind.

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