3 Reasons To Choose Aluminium Sliding Doors For Your Home

Aluminium sliding doors are among many different types of patio doors available on the market, we explain below three reasons why they could be perfect for your new build or renovation project.

Maximise The Light No Matter The Season

One of the biggest benefits of installing aluminium sliding doors is the large panes of glass that let in lots of natural light. While this is an obvious benefit during summer, it is also really important to let as much natural light in as possible during winter.

Aluminium sliding doors offer larger glass panes than standard sliding doors due to the durability of aluminium, meaning that the frames are slimmer and can allow for industry leading sizes. For example, at Reynaers at Home our Hi-Finity sliding doors can be up to 3.5m in height, with concealed frames that form a wall of glass. This means that not only are your sliding doors a practical addition to your home, but they can become an impressive design feature.

natural light private house with aluminium sliding doors

Perfect For Homes With Limited Space

There are many patio door options such as bifold doors and French doors, as well as sliding doors. Out of all of these options, sliding doors are the least obtrusive to your home. Aluminium sliding doors glide along a track so that one glass pane slides over the other, this makes them space saving and easy to open for a seamless transition between home and garden. Therefore, if your home or garden is limited on space, choosing sliding doors could be the ideal solution to open your home up even further.

aluminium sliding doors in small home

The High Efficiency

They are some of the most efficient on the market as aluminium is durable and has a long lifetime, which is perfect when building your dream home. At Reynaers at Home our aluminium windows and doors have a high thermal and energy efficiency, high performing wind resistance and incorporate sophisticated locking systems. This means that in the long term, choosing aluminium sliding doors can save you money on your heating bills throughout summer and winter.

For more reasons to choose aluminium sliding doors for you home, please view the Reynaers at Home sliding doors range.

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