Three Benefits Of Exterior Bifold Doors During Winter

One of the greatest selling points of bifold doors is that they allow homeowners to really open up their home to the outdoors which is clearly beneficial in summer. However as the temperature grows colder and autumn turns into winter, are there any real benefits to installing exterior bifold doors during the chillier seasons?

  1. Thermally Efficient

Despite bifolding doors containing large panes of glass that are set in a frame with up to 8 door leaves, they can be incredibly thermally efficient. For example, aluminium is durable, low maintenance and a naturally good insulator, with low U-values meaning aluminium bifold doors are high performing all year round.

When winter comes round, your exterior bifold doors can actually lead to lower heating bills by stopping the cold getting in and the heat escaping. Aluminium bifold doors are also expertly engineered to remain watertight and draught free to help you combat whatever weather comes your way.

exterior bifold doors
  1. Maximise Natural Light

One of the all-year-round benefits that exterior bifold doors give you is the uninterrupted views from their large panes of glass and slim frames. Doors that bring in the natural light all day long are beneficial for not just your home, but also your health. During winter it is especially important to be exposed to as much natural light as possible, and so bifold doors allow you to make the most of a beautiful winters day.

  1. Flexible Openings

Exterior bifold doors are excellent at adapting to your needs and the weather by offering multiple opening options, from folding flush against the wall to the ability to open a single traffic door when exiting. Bifold doors manoeuvre on runners so that you can slide them open as much as you need.

Reynaers at Home bifold doors additionally can open inward or outward and come with four different threshold options to completely suit your lifestyle and home aesthetic. Despite different opening options, bifold doors do not compromise on security, with Reynaers at Home holding Secured by Design accreditation.

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