How To Choose The Right External Bifold Doors For Your Home

External bifold doors bring that certain ‘something extra’ to a home. More than just a gateway to your garden, they give personality and sophistication throughout your home. We show you what to look for when it comes to choosing the right aluminum bifold doors for your home.

Should The Weight Be At The Top Or The Bottom?

The way the weight of the door is supported can affect the way your family uses and experiences the doors. In general, you’ll find that top-hung doors conceal the operating mechanisms at the top. However, the top of the door frame is secured to the lintel above the door and so the lintel needs to be extra strong to take the extra weight of the bifold doors. This is why at Reynaers at Home all of our external bifold doors are weighted at the bottom, for a more effortless experience.

Consider Which Glazing Is Best

Whether you go for double or triple glazed glass is down to your bespoke design needs. Many people would have you believe that triple glazing is always preferable to double glazing. However, double glazing bifold doors are the most cost effective solution. On the other hand if you are looking for the most thermally efficient solution, then triple glazed glass might be best for you. At Reynaers at Home we offer both options to suit your needs.


Security Standards For External Bifold Doors

Security of your bifold doors is just as important as the aesthetics, and it can be mistakenly thought that external glass doors are less secure than traditional doors. However, Reynaers at Home offer bifold doors that are Secured by Design accredited, which means you can sleep safe and sound knowing that you are completely secure in your home.

We know every home improvement project is different, and rarely will ‘just any dealer’ suffice. Let us know about your bespoke needs so that we can assist with finding a Reynaers at Home dealer for your new external bifold doors.

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